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Re: Peaseblossom update

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  • Brian and Kelly
    Pease is a hero! All our kitties that have went on before Pease are pulling for her hard...way to go Pease! Pease has much more to accomplish in this life and
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 30, 2006
      Pease is a hero!

      All our kitties that have went on before Pease are pulling for her
      hard...way to go Pease!

      Pease has much more to accomplish in this life and her fight proves
      she will prevail!

      Thank God for Pease!!!

      Many blessings,
      Brian and Kelly

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "millefont1" <susanwmc@...>
      > Hi, all you folks who remember Peaseblossom--as you may recall, we
      > finally gotten Pease's IBD under some kind of control last summer,
      > just before we left for a 4 week trip to Australia. The day after
      > left, she suddenly went into CHF and was diagnosed with
      > severe HCM. On top of the heart problem, the Lasix the emergency
      > had to give her put her into renal failure. As soon as she
      > was stable, my kids got her to a center with kidney and heart
      > specialists, where the poor cat stayed for 3 weeks. To add to her
      > miseries, by the time she'd been there for a week, Pease developed
      > URI and wouldn't eat on her own so they had to syringe A/D into
      > which promptly reignited her IBD.
      > The renal guy said Pease's kidneys would never work on their own
      > again. The cardiologist told us her heart condition was so severe
      > that there was no hope and tried to talk us into putting her to
      > sleep. I was agonizing over that decision because there I was,
      > miles away trying to assess her chances with no way to see for
      > what the situation was. But my daughter, a vet tech at the no-kill
      > shelter where we got Pease, went to see her and felt that she was
      > still fighting and that the URI was actually getting better. So we
      > held out a while to see how things went.
      > Well, a week later her kidneys kicked in, to the renal guy's
      > astonishment. And then the cardio let us take her home but didn't
      > even give us meds because she thought Pease wouldn't live long
      > enough to benefit from them. Two months later, we took Pease back
      > for a checkup, and all her heart values had gone back to almost
      > normal. The cardio was as shocked and pleased as we were, but
      > warned us that we shouldn't rejoice yet because some cats go from
      > HCM to DCM and end up worse off than they were. We had to wait 6
      > months before her next EKG to know if she was developing DCM.
      > Well,today was D-day---and she's FINE! Her heart is still a little
      > thickened (thank goodness, no DCM!), but her heart murmur was if
      > anything, quieter, her breathing and heart rate are slow and
      > normal. She really is a miracle on 4 legs, that cat. The
      > cardiologist says that she tells Pease's story to folks who need a
      > little hope.
      > The IBD couldn't kill her (came close, though), and her heart
      > couldn't either (closer yet). What a cat! And what a living
      > to the kindness and knowledge of the folks on this list. It's our
      > sincere belief that the supplements we learned about here from
      > like Lisa C. turned her heart around. Hooray for CoQ10 and
      > L-carnitine! And thank you to all of you who supported us through
      > that decision!
      > Susan and Peaseblossom
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