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Re: Sad news - Goober

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  • Brian and Kelly
    That is SO beautiful Carla (and Matt)! God is awesome and we simply have no idea just how He performs His beautiful work until the time that it becomes
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2006
      That is SO beautiful Carla (and Matt)!

      God is awesome and we simply have no idea just how He performs His
      beautiful work until the time that it becomes obvious.

      Thank God for Goober and thank God for what Goober's life meant and
      still means to you and Matt!

      Our prayers are with you both.

      Many Blessings,
      Brian and Kelly

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Carla" <carla2854@...> wrote:
      > Afraid Goober's rebound was short-lived. I had to take him in and
      > put him down last night.
      > After coming home Friday evening, his blood results Sat morning
      > showed great improvement in kidney vallues, but still abnormal, so
      > vet wanted him on more IV fluids. So Saturday/Sun he was at emerg
      > hosp again. They called me 8:30 last night saying they repeated
      > bloodwork, and his kidney values were normal, and i could come get
      > him. that he hadnt been eating much, but his respiration was good
      > and otherwise he was doing fine.
      > Picked him up, brought him home, he seemed ok (in hindsite a
      > slower than normal), but within an hour he had that awful rattly
      > breathing i could hear across room and was breathing 70+
      > breaths/minute. was still closed mouth breathing, so i tried
      > giving him a dose of lasix, hoping that since it started so fast,
      > might be able to stop it.
      > he didnt improve, and eventually turned to open mouth breathing...
      > and you could just tell by looking at him he was getting worse
      > wasnt going to get better. I knew he nor I coudlnt go thru
      > round of this; he'd need so much lasix, it could very well set his
      > kidneys off again, and so on and so on, plus, the little guy just
      > didnt need to keep being locked up in cages and needles stuck in
      > on a daily basis. it just seemed the only thing i could do... i
      > honestly dont think he'd ever fully recover.
      > also thought back to when i was checking him out tonite ... they
      > said he'd eaten a tiny bit on saturday, but not sunday (that makes
      > over a week with maybe one good meal's worth of solid food). and
      > that when the receptionist went by his cage sunday, he was
      > with his head in his food dish. she said it like it was 'cute'..
      > and that's what i thought at time.... now i'm thinking he was
      > failing then but no one knew it.
      > Was middle of night when i took him in, and my son Matt was here
      > went with me. You know, God works in mysterious ways. Doing this
      > was cathartic for matt. Matt's dad died suddenly of massive heart
      > attack 6 yrs ago (matt was 17 then). He didnt go in to see his dad
      > after he died, and he had regrets over that. When the tech was
      > saying they'd have to IV-cath Goboer again (what, about 6th time
      > this week?) if we wanted to be there, vs just a shot if we didnt
      > stay, i was about to say i didnt want to be there (i'd heard mixed
      > things from folks on whether to stay or not, and i didnt want to
      > Goo thru another cath if not necessary). Matt said "cath him."
      > when doc came in and explained what to expect, that his reflexes
      > jerk and his eyes would be open and he may have a little last
      > i said i couldnt stay... matt did. Matt called me in awhile
      > afterwards, and i knew this wasnt about Goober. I asked if he was
      > thinking of his dad, and he said yes.
      > Anyway... we had a talk on way home about that and other things,
      > but even more surprising, we talked for at least an hour later
      > just 'stuff'. he opened up like he never had. was a fantastic
      > that never would have happened if not for little Goober.
      > and a talk he really really needed to have with a parent. so...
      > while it hurts losing that little guy, and i miss him already, i
      > deal with it now, as i feel like he was here for a purpose,
      > performed it to perfection, and was time for him to go so his
      > could move forward.
      > Now i wish his soul Godspeed on his way to bless another family.
      > carla
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