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Re: [FH] Boots update

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  • Leah Ferron
    Jeannette, I hope it works for Boots. It s about time the vets did something. Leah and her cats Jeannette Juricic wrote: I ve been off the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2006

      I hope it works for Boots. It's about time the vets did something.

      Leah and her cats

      Jeannette Juricic <jnete6@...> wrote:
      I've been off the email for a few days, but we've had
      setbacks and progress for Boots. Two days in a row
      this week, Boots had his spell where he walks like
      he's drunk then falls over. We took him to the vet
      again. There were no other patients, so he listened
      to Boots' heart and lungs. He declared that yes
      indeed they were worse. Now, I don't have to be a vet
      to tell you that. He paused for a bit then decided he
      would give me the option of treating Boots with
      traditional Chinese medicine. He told us that if the
      TCM didn't work, there would be no other options and
      nothing more he could do. Of course, we readily
      agreed to the TCM. So, he gave us about a 10 day
      supply and told us to come back when it is gone. He
      only has to take one pellet three times a day, but
      they stink so bad he puts up a fuss. Fortunately,
      they are so very tiny that it is easy to squeeze them
      in behind his teeth even with his mouth closed. We
      haven't seen him fall since, but we may just not be
      around. I guess we will see what the vet says in
      another week.

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