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  • Brian and Kelly
    We agree...just go! I am totally unfamilar with the medication that Kissy Kat has been put on put can safely say it is not of the popular ones that are spoke
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 3, 2006
      We agree...just go!

      I am totally unfamilar with the medication that Kissy Kat has been
      put on put can safely say it is not of the popular ones that are
      spoke about often in this group.

      I have never heard of a drug that can actually reduce the thickening
      of the heart wall. The usually medical therapy is to thin the blood
      as to ease the stress on a compromised heart but again have heard
      nothing about being able to actually thin and already thickened wall.

      The usual medications for HCM/RCM are Heparin (could be a low
      molecular form of it also such as Fragmin or Lovenox), Enalapril,
      and possibly Aspirin. HCM/RCM usually leads in CHF and then Lasix
      becomes a must. There are mutiple supplements that have also been
      used very effectively by many.

      One drug that I am very aware of that messes a kitties appetite up
      real bad is Digoxin. In reference to Kissy Kat going down hill after
      adding a medication to her sytem, our Johnny did this with Digoxin.
      Any medication that has a high rate of side effect that causes
      appetite loss in a kitty can be very dangerous. As a previous reply
      stated, it is of utmost importance to keep for kitty eating
      well...proper calories with proper nutrition.

      We agree with the earlier reply to get Kissy Kat to a Cardiologist.
      Her symptoms you have posted warrant, we I believe, is immediate

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you both!
      Brian and Kelly

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "moonsister22"
      <moonsister22@...> wrote:
      > I'm new to this list. My cat Kissy Kat has been diagnosed with
      > hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I don't think the veterinarian
      > specialist is giving her the correct medication or is not giving
      > enough medication. She's currently on Lotensin, a quarter of a
      > tablet once a day. She weighs 4.5 pounds, was always a small but
      > chubby cat, Siamese mix about 13 years old. Up until a couple of
      > weeks ago she was doing fine. Then I noticed that her food intake
      > had decreased. We have a multicat household here. She was a cat
      > who would only eat Authority Beef flavor, so I was able to follow
      > her intake pretty well although a couple of other cats discovered
      > that Kissy was fed on the room divider (a short ledge extending a
      > few feet into my living room) and would finish whatever she left
      > over.
      > At the present time, after seeing the cat specialist and having an
      > ultrasound test to confirm the diagnosis, she began going
      > The medication doesn't seem to be doing a thing.
      > Her blood pressure tested normal, her kidneys are rather small and
      > unevenly shaped, blood values were good though, no renal failure
      > far. But she has no appetite. I'm trying to syringe feed 60cc a
      > day or A/D. She has been on the meds for almost a week and is
      > getting weaker instead of stronger. Can't go to the litter box so
      > have adult bed pads on her chair and change them frequently.
      > Anyone have experience with Lotensin? Anyone have a cat who went
      > downhill instead of improved after 6 days on this drug? In
      > it's a blood pressure reduction drug but they tell me it works to
      > reduce the thickening of the heart chamber wall in cats.
      > I have an appointment with the cat specialist's assistant vet this
      > afternoon. Would appreciate anyone who has some experience with
      > this awful disease posting asap. Thanks.
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