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  • Betty Seni
    Thanks for all the advice on frontline. I ve given my cats Frontline for years, since the flea problem here in the South is a nighmare, but I will try to
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 3, 2006
      Thanks for all the advice on "frontline." I've given my cats Frontline for years, since the flea problem here in the South is a nighmare, but I will try to see what I can do with a flea comb and my trusty vacuum!
      Has there ever been "hard evidence" that Frontline can harm a heart kitty? I'd rather be safe then sorry, since it seems good common sense not to introduce chemicals to a compromised animal. But....I was curious if anyone had ever read something concrete about this . Thanks....

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      When I've gotten fleas in the house, I used to vacuum every day. It did get
      rid of them in the house. As for the outdoors, you can have your yard
      treated with a pesticide to kill the fleas. Just be sure to keep your cats
      indoors until after a good rain storm.


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      > Flea comb and vacuuming are wonderful like Rosemary wrote. My latest
      > of fosters came in with fleas and I was combing and vacuuming, doing a
      > pretty good job of getting rid of them but the shelter wanted me to use
      > Frontline just because that is what they use. One of the kittens,
      > had a bad reaction. The spot in between her shoulder blades where I
      > the Frontline was scratched bloody and raw by her within an hour. For
      > two weeks she was crazed trying to get at that spot. It is healed now and
      > no more fleas but that would not be my choice to use.
      > Shannon
      > Daisy: Maine Coon mix, 4-1/2 years old, diagnosed at age 1-1/2,
      > HCM, 6.25 mg atenolol and 10 mg CoQ10 daily

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