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  • Linda Fischbach
    60cc s of A/D is not enough food -- that s only 70 calories, and most cats need at least 150-200 calories a day. This could be why she is getting weaker.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      60cc's of A/D is not enough food -- that's only 70 calories, and most cats
      need at least 150-200 calories a day. This could be why she is getting
      weaker. Please join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Feline-Assisted-Feeding/
      for more informayion.

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      > I'm new to this list. My cat Kissy Kat has been diagnosed with
      > hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. I don't think the veterinarian
      > specialist is giving her the correct medication or is not giving her
      > enough medication. She's currently on Lotensin, a quarter of a
      > tablet once a day. She weighs 4.5 pounds, was always a small but
      > chubby cat, Siamese mix about 13 years old. Up until a couple of
      > weeks ago she was doing fine. Then I noticed that her food intake
      > had decreased. We have a multicat household here. She was a cat
      > who would only eat Authority Beef flavor, so I was able to follow
      > her intake pretty well although a couple of other cats discovered
      > that Kissy was fed on the room divider (a short ledge extending a
      > few feet into my living room) and would finish whatever she left
      > over.
      > At the present time, after seeing the cat specialist and having an
      > ultrasound test to confirm the diagnosis, she began going downhill.
      > The medication doesn't seem to be doing a thing.
      > Her blood pressure tested normal, her kidneys are rather small and
      > unevenly shaped, blood values were good though, no renal failure so
      > far. But she has no appetite. I'm trying to syringe feed 60cc a
      > day or A/D. She has been on the meds for almost a week and is
      > getting weaker instead of stronger. Can't go to the litter box so I
      > have adult bed pads on her chair and change them frequently.
      > Anyone have experience with Lotensin? Anyone have a cat who went
      > downhill instead of improved after 6 days on this drug? In humans,
      > it's a blood pressure reduction drug but they tell me it works to
      > reduce the thickening of the heart chamber wall in cats.
      > I have an appointment with the cat specialist's assistant vet this
      > afternoon. Would appreciate anyone who has some experience with
      > this awful disease posting asap. Thanks.
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