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OT: Cat Foster Homes Needed in NJ

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  • Sue at MAGDRL
    Cross-posted. ... foster homes. About ... and dead cats. A ... starving and killing ... have been ... foster homes. If you ... Kitty. Phone ... virtually
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006

      > Hello Everyone!
      > A cat rescue group, Here Kitty Kitty, in north Jersey desperately needs
      foster homes. About
      > two weeks ago they removed 27 cats from a home filled with urine, feces
      and dead cats. A
      > drug addict living with his elderly parents was hoarding the cats and
      starving and killing
      > them. They have since been charged with animal cruelty and all of the cats
      have been
      > removed. 11 cats are still waiting at a local vets' office to go into
      foster homes. If you
      > know anyone that can help, please have them contact Leslee at Here Kitty
      Kitty. Phone
      > (862) 668-4454 or email lmeowser@.... Some of the cats are
      virtually feral, some
      > are still traumatized and some are amazingly sweet but all need lots of
      love and good
      > food. I would be willing to help transport them to a foster home.
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