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RE: [FH] Postscript: about Buttons-Angel

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  • Linda CuĂ©llar Irrgang
    Catherine, You should definitely feel free to ask all your questions about the bill. Linda ... From: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 2, 2006

      You should definitely feel free to ask all your questions about the bill.


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      Hi all,

      We should be collecting Buttons tomorrow, who passed away Dec
      19th ... it's been very hot in Australia -- over 30 degrees celsius -
      - and I've been scared to leave her siblings to collect her,
      together with a 25 year old car which mightn't survive the heat.
      Tomorrow's going to be 38 degrees celsius -- in fact, all the days
      in the near future are going to be around that -- but I just can't
      leave her there any more so will be going in the early AM to
      hopefully avoid the heat.

      But we received the bill yesterday. It was expensive and more than
      we can afford, but it was approximately around what we were told to
      expect, so we've been figuring the finances to accommodate it.

      We were charged for:

      Fluids B: iv (standard setup)
      Actilyse infusion
      X-ray A: first plate
      Pathology (idexx): coagulation profile (CBC,
      B: PCV/TP
      D: Blood Glucose
      K: Biochemistry - part profile (1-3 slides)
      Lactate (first)
      Lactate (subs)
      A: Activated clotting time
      Hospitalisation B: 24 hours (level 2 SEAEC)
      Euthanasia A: standard
      Vitamin K (Koagulon) inj 10mg/ml - 1st inj
      Butorphanol Injection - 1st (ml)

      Now most of this I understand, though not the Euthanasia - we
      weren't asked if we wanted her euthanased and were told she passed
      away during treatment - so I'm hoping like hell that this is just an

      But what has me REALLY confused is the Vitamin K injection. You
      see, I thought that Vitamin E was an anticoagulant, and Vitamin K a
      coagulant. Since she had saddle thrombosis in both rear legs, would
      adding a coagulant be a good idea at that time?

      I'm going to ask for a copy of the report when I'm there tomorrow,
      but I just need to know what to ask. Should I be suspicious about
      ANY of the things I've been billed for? It's not the money I'm
      worried about, but rather the care she received while she was there.

      Thank you!

      Catherine from Australia
      Topsy-Angel, Buttons-Angel, Kitty, Patch, Claude, Tuppenny

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