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RE: [feline-heart] Coping

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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    Hi Voula, I know that it s hard....I try to find strength in prayer and positive thoughts...I try to remind myslef that there is a reason for everything....I
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 27, 2001
      Hi Voula,

      I know that it's hard....I try to find strength in prayer and positive
      thoughts...I try to remind myslef that there is a reason for everything....I
      have always called dPum the cat from heaven and I could never expect a
      heaven sent cat to stay with me too long bec I know that there is alot of
      work he has to get done and I can't be selfish and expect to have him too
      long...DI feel that every moment is a gift from above.....I hope you can
      find some "reason" why your furbabies have special tasks elsewhere too.


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      Hi everyone,
      this post is about my heart. I know others worry about blood clots,
      and I know the majority of cats with heart problems do not have a blood
      clot. I hear you Jonathan. LOL! I also read that blood clots in
      hyperthyroid cats are quite rare, about 3% of all cats who have blood clots
      are hyperthyroid. Whilst my mind takes all this in, my heart (excuse the
      pun) doesn't. I know Pebbles is old. I know she will leave me one day. But
      I feel as if I just can't take it, the thought of it. After losing Sachie,
      this fear has gotten even worse, that I won't cope with not only the loss
      of Pebbles, but another loss. I honestly don't know when I stop to think
      about it how I have gotten through the past six months after losing my
      Sachie. And yet I know I have, and I know I will again. I suppose with
      Sachie, though she was nearly fifteen years of age when she passed, I feel
      like she was taken at the prime of her life, because she was always so well
      and her illness and passing were so sudden. I know it is a Blessing that
      she had a good and healthy life except for the last couple of months. But
      still I hurt. Pebbles and I are nearing four years of pills and potions and
      pokes and prods from vets. She is such a good girl. She is a very strong
      girl and she truly understands me when I talk to her and tell her why we
      are doing what we are doing. Just before I gave her a massage and I spoke
      with her and she let me know the sore spots by looking at her back and leg
      when I touched a certain spot. Her beautiful eyes showed such trust in me
      and she purred. I know I have been Blessed to have had such wonderful cats
      in my life and to have had them for so many years, but it is still so hard
      to go through this.
      I am also wondering if as the vet said that this is an aggravation of
      an old injury with Pebbles. When Pebbles was a youngster she hurt her left
      back leg and since then has carried her tail to the left when she walks. No
      vet can give me a reason for this. But after reading up on chiropractic
      treatments for cats, it said this carrying the tail to the side can be a
      sign of a back problem. Who knows? Now I am rambling.....Thank you for
      listening. It helps me to write how I feel.
      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      (Sachie's tribute page, and photos of Sachie and Pebbles.)

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