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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    well, i have wondered about this myself....bec arent they basically the same ddrug? adn then I wonder about pum who is on enalapril and atenolol and dthat
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 27, 2001
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      well, i have wondered about this myself....bec arent' they basically the
      same ddrug? adn then I wonder about pum who is on enalapril and atenolol and
      dthat also seems like alot to me....i will let it play out for a little bit
      but i am beginning to think that he is a bit too lethargic.


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      I am so glad that you thought of this! I too remember something about
      they were going to PTS Ollie and stopped the drugs and he popped out
      of it. I hope if she reads this that she lets us know.

      The cardiologist explained that it builds up in the cats system and
      the body metabolizes so much but then we give more and it just rises
      the level and it never drops just keeps getting higher. Or the bottle
      of drugs could just have been too strong which is what he suspects
      since the problems and the new prescriptions all came about at the
      same time. We will never know for sure. But, they said when starting
      heart meds again, we will do it slowly. And I didn't ask, but he was
      on Diltizem and Enalapril and we had discuused here why he was
      getting both of them. Seems like alot of drugs but the cardiologist
      thought both would work together but.. now I wonder?? Dom is a 15
      pound cat but it is alot of potent drugs.

      He is still ok and doing well today but is now on asthma meds for the
      weekend. They will decide next move on Monday.


      --- In feline-heart@y..., brunobaby@e... wrote:
      > Jeanne, glad Dom's doing better!
      > > He also thinks that Dom has possible Diltiazem toxicity.
      > Didn't Jill's Ollie have Diltiazem toxicity? Not from just taking
      > drug, but being prescribed too much?
      > I remember her writing that they were going to have him pts over a
      > year ago and they stopped all the meds and he perked up. Then they
      > found out it was from too much Diltiazem and the vet prescribed a
      > much lower dosage from there on in.
      > --Melinda
      > (of Phoebe and Pongo(RB) fame)

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