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  • Janice
    I wanted to thank everyone for all the messages of condolences for Kirby. I m very sorry I haven t written back to you all individually. I m also very sorry
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005
      I wanted to thank everyone for all the messages of condolences for
      Kirby. I'm very sorry I haven't written back to you all individually.

      I'm also very sorry for all the folks who have lost a friend recently
      - I see from the list that there have been several. I hope Kirby will
      welcome them at the bridge with much love.

      I am doing ok - but still find myself sobbing and missing him so much.
      A friend of mine does painting and such and is making ornaments...she
      is going to try to do one of Kirby for a memorial on our tree this
      year. For this I put a collection of reasonable photos of him on my
      website. You can see the collection here (if you are interested) -

      I have sent out two meds and gel caps...but still have lots of Lasix
      and Spironolactone - oh, and Diltiazem.

      Also - wanted to know if any of you have used a Sleep Right
      Self-Warming Thermal Cat Cushion for your kitties?

      We have one cat with arthritis and another cat who is feral-ish who
      never ventures out of our basement.
      I don't trust using an electric bed but wondered if the thermal works
      well enough.

      Any thoughts? Thanks!!

      Janice (missing Kirby terribly)
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