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RE: [FH] Zanzi update

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  • luanne.pelletier@servicecanada.gc.ca
    Hi Tanya, ... out of town, and a partner is taking over for Zanzi right now. But, from what I understand, Zanzi s liver wasn t doing well on the diltiazem, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Hi Tanya,

      >>> Anyway, I don't know what the cardiologist said yet; the new vet went
      out of town, and a partner is taking over for Zanzi right now. But,
      from what I understand, Zanzi's liver wasn't doing well on the
      diltiazem, and she's now on Denosyl and milk thistle to try and bring
      her liver up to par. On that note, she's also got a kidney problem of
      some sort (they don't know what yet), as she isn't concentrating her
      urine properly at the moment.

      The Denosyl and mt should definitely help Zanzi's liver. Were her kidney numbers ok in her bloodwork?

      Last time Spencer had bloodwork his BUN was high but all other values were ok and in his urinalysis his urine was dilute, he had low sp gravity and he had a bit of protein (altho his urine pro/creat ratio was fine). We're rechecking all this again on Saturday. Sometimes kidney problems can cause heart problems and vice versa so it's good that the new clinic is looking into all these things.

      >>> Zanzi is not eating as much as she should. I've been giving her
      slippery elm in baby food, and I think she thinks that's the best
      thing since chopped liver. So, i'm going to have cut down on that.
      She's really small now, but up and about, and seems relatively happy.

      I'm glad Zanzi seems to be happy. Get her eating some good quality canned cat food and you can add the SEB right to that. Becareful with the SEB tho, because it may block the absorption of other meds/supps so it might be best if you give it to Zanzi a few hours before or after other meds/supps.

      > >> Not that Zanzi IS at the end of life (I'm going to
      assume she's going to live 40 years... :) ), but I'm so worried about
      her all the time, and I have to calm down.

      That's great that your vet has a support group like that. Sounds like a great clinic. I'm glad you found them!


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