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Re: [FH] Re: Cardio-Strength (was Bad news for Spencer)

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  • marthe horn-Davis
    Hi luanne, It was either Susan or Lisa or Rosemary who told me to keep Gina calm, speak calmly to her, just be as normal as possible ie leave the cage out a
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2005
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      Hi luanne,

      It was either Susan or Lisa or Rosemary who told me to keep Gina calm, speak calmly to her, just be as normal as possible ie leave the cage out a while before and talk calmly and explain what they are going to do just like you would a person....So with Spencer, this will be to calm you down as well....ie tell him that once you find out how he is doing it will make him feel better and more comfortable and that you will be right there waiting for everything to be done and then you and he will go home...It is therapeutic for both of you and I know the anxiety, as you will be feeling for him as well. Of course there is the worry and its easy to say, easier to say than do but its the best thing for you both...and believe me it worked with Gina, unless they were lying to me she was perfectly fine and an excellent patient.

      Try to remember why you are having the tests done and reassure Spencer..he knows you well and after all those years you may have to do some acting, but it can work.

      Marthe, Gina and Lenny

      Good luck...

      Sue at MAGDRL <susan@...> wrote: Luanne,

      I can't stress enough that most of the animal's fear of going to the vet is
      from them reacting to your own fear. Don't think about what you mentioned
      below. Think about how going to the vet is a good thing because the vet can
      take care of Spencer's problems and help you learn how to help him too.

      Put out his crate way ahead of time and see if you can leave special treats
      in there for him. Let him go in & get them on his own & learn that the
      crate isn't a bad place after all. Spray something like Rescue Remedy in
      the crate and take a few drops yourself too. I also take holy basil &
      rhodiola to help me calm down for stuff like this. Even if you can reduce
      your own anxiety, it will help Spencer tremendously.

      If you think about it, what the vet does isn't any big deal. I sat in on
      Pepper's last ECG. They laid her on her back on a special cushion and she
      was relaxed & didn't move at all. I realized then that they can handle her
      just fine and it's me getting her upset.

      When I feel stress coming on in the car or at the vet, I sing. It sounds
      awful but it sure takes my mind off any imagined terrors. ;-)

      Here's where I got the Cardio Strength

      I think someone else in the group posted a place that's slightly less. What
      you paid sounds about right.


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      > Hi Sue,
      > >>>Pepper doesn't like fishy stuff either although she will eat the Cardio
      > Strength in her food. I also give her omega oils and give them to her in
      > syringe.
      > Yeah, I'm going to try giving Spencer a bit of the Salmon Oil and CoQ10
      tonight using a dropper. Hopefully it doesn't upset him too much and
      hopefully he doesn't think it's totally disgusting tasting.
      > I *just* ordered the Cardio-Strength as well but I likely won't have it
      til the end of next week. I'm paying $49.60 (Canadian) for 90 capsules. Is
      that a good price?
      > Spencer goes back to the vet on Saturday for bp tests, physical exam, more
      bloodwork and another ECG. I'm so afraid of causing him too much stress
      from all these tests and losing him just because of that. I'd feel so bad
      if his last thoughts were fearful from being at the vet :-(
      > Luanne

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