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RE: [FH] Introduction: Rupert, 17 years young with HCM and CRF

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  • MJ Johnson
    Hi Katy! Thank you for the nice welcome message! Too funny about the kitty signatures! And yes, my family and friends are getting used to me doing it. In
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      Hi Katy!

      Thank you for the nice welcome message! Too funny
      about the kitty signatures! And yes, my family and
      friends are getting used to me doing it. In fact, my
      parents have only one grandson, but 6 grandcats! LOL
      - my two other sisters each have two kitties, so there
      is no way my parents can get around it!

      Great to hear that little Belle is doing well on
      atenolol, too. I get the emulsified version from a
      compounding center - they can make it with Tuna
      flavour, which helps Rupert take it mixed with his wet
      food. How do you give it to Belle? >^..^<

      For the testing for CRF, the vet actually did
      bloodwork and ran BUN, CR, etc. The BUN for Rupert
      had been high two years earlier (for a cardiac
      workup), but with the recent results, the CR
      (creatinine) was elevated, indicating kidney failure.
      The urine test was just for WBC (white blood cell)
      count, which indicated a urinary tract infection that
      the vet treated with amoxicillin - hot pink cherry
      flavor!! Imagine the fun giving 1ml each day to a
      kitty? LOL - Rupert was a trooper. The good thing
      about the antibiotic, it helped clear his chronic
      rhinitis (weepy eyes, sneezing) for a while.

      Sending you good kitty karma!

      MJ & Rupert & Bimmer

      --- Katy van <katy_van@...> wrote:


      i am sad that rupert has hcm but i am happy you found
      this group. it is a wonderful group. what test did the
      vet do with the urine for CRF do you know? just
      curious. my belle is on altenolol as well but so far
      that is it. we sign off our signatures the same way:)
      i am so bad that when i write friends and family i
      usually sign it the same even with the katy & belle
      part. lol. most of them think im a little coo coo!


      katy & belle

      From: "mjj_007" <mjj_007@...>
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [FH] Introduction: Rupert, 17 years young
      with HCM and CRF
      Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 00:05:55 -0000

      Hi All,

      I am the very lucky Mum to Rupert, whom I found ~ 11
      years ago in
      Toronto. After moving to Michigan 9 years ago, we
      were fortunate to
      find a wonderful vet clinic with several specialists.
      because three years ago, rather than doing dental
      work, the vet
      recommended an echocardiogram where we learned that
      Rupert's long-
      standing heart murmur was actually HCM.

      Since then, my little brave man has been on Atenolol

      Complicating matters, over this past summer, he peed
      on the plastic
      draping that contractors had placed over construction
      work in my
      basement. Fearing a UTI, we took Rupert & a sample to
      the vet. In
      addition to treating the basic UTI, our wonderful vet
      (a different
      specialist than the cardiologist who diagnosed HCM),
      ran bloodwork
      and found early stage CRF, which we are treating with
      100 ml sub-Q
      Normosol every other day. He also gets Slippery Elm
      Bark for acid
      tummy/constipation as well as Tumil-K to maintain his

      I am so lucky we found the CRF group, as they have led
      us here, to
      the cardiology group! We'll be 'lurking' in
      cyberspace, reading and
      soaking up knowledge.

      Best regards & kitty greetings!
      MJ & Rupert & Bimmer (who is 15 yo and currently
      healthy as a little

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