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Re: [FH] Max vet visit

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  • Sue B
    Betty, I didn t know any better in the beginning and just gave Pepper everything (she is also 15 pounds). Fortunately it didn t bother her although sometimes
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005

      I didn't know any better in the beginning and just gave Pepper everything
      (she is also 15 pounds). Fortunately it didn't bother her although
      sometimes it could cause a bit of a tummy upset. You may be better giving
      them to Max gradually. Since it's a capsule, that's easy to do - just give
      part of the capsule in his food. It's very fish smelling.

      As for the gulping noises - my Pepper does that all the time. Her
      cardiologist said that's from her asthma and not from the heart disease.
      She had asthma for several years before she developed heart disease.


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      > Hi again...
      > This is my second post today...sorry for asking so many questions in one
      > My vet came over to see Max here at home. This is the first time anyone
      has listened to his heart, since when I actually took him to the vet, he
      couldn't breathe, and no one could even hear his poor heart. (he just ended
      up on oxygen, which is why he can't make anymore vet visits) Anyhow, she
      didn't hear a murmer, and thought he was doing okay overall. However, he
      sounds as if his nose has wet mucus in it. He makes these odd "upper
      respiratory" sounds, and yet no infection seems apparent....no discharge
      from the eyes or nose. He will sometimes inhale deeply and swallow, as if
      he is swallowng some mucus from his nose. Sometimes he has an actual cough
      which sounds like a "bronchitis" type cough, and that alleviates his
      breathing some. The oddest thing is that congestion that seems nasal. She
      listened to him, and thought some of the noises were emanating from his
      trachea! She called the whole thing "an unusual presentation." We decided
      to up his lasix dose minimally..one and
      > a half 12.5 mg pills in the morning, and one at night. (he was taking
      one in the morning, and one at night). I am to try that for a week and let
      her know if that congestion that at least APPEARS to come from his upper
      respiratory tract gets a bit better. In the meantime, I want to get him on
      supplements. I mentioned the "heart discovery" supplement to her which has
      all sorts of stuff in it, including carnatine and CoQ10 and she said that
      would be okay.
      > http://www.usanimalnutritionals.com/heartdiscovery.html
      > However, is it better to go with the supplements slowly...as in one at a
      time to get him acclamated, or just dose him with all that stuff at one
      time? The "Heart Discovery" has 250 mg of carnatine, and 20 mg of CoQ10. (I
      understand that those are the most important ones?) Max weighs 15 pounds.
      I just don't want to give his body too much too handle all at once...but I
      don't know if it would be okay to throw all that into his system at the same
      time. Thanks..again....for your help.
      > Betty
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