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Re: Zanzibar the Kitty

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  • brinkett
    ... she ... Hi, sorry you had to join us. Don t believe everything you read on the web. Some of the sites are out of date. The truth is that it s impossible to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2005
      > Zanzi has just been diagnosed with hyperthropic cardiomapathy, and
      > from I understand regarding this disease from reading stuff, that
      > has anywhere from three months to three years to live.

      Hi, sorry you had to join us. Don't believe everything you read on
      the web. Some of the sites are out of date. The truth is that it's
      impossible to predict how long Zanzi will live. Some cats don't
      survive very long--others are alive years after diagnosis. Vets and
      cardiologists can offer guidelines, but that's all they are. Each
      cat's case is unique. It sounds like Zanzi is on the right
      medications and is getting TLC--that's the most important thing.

      > I've called the vet a few times to get more information, and while
      > called me yesterday to talk about whether she needs a diauretic, I
      > haven't been able to speak with him on the phone to ask more
      > questions.

      Has your vet said that she's in congestive heart failure (has fluid
      in the lungs or around the heart)? If not, then she doesn't need a
      diuretic. You don't want to start her on a diuretic unless she needs

      > 1. What else should I be doing to help her with this?

      It sounds like you're doing everything you can. Ideally she should
      see a cardiologist, but everyone has to decide what their financial
      constraints are.

      > 2. What will a cardiologist tell me that I don't already know. (Her
      > thyroid is not the problem, according blood tests and her blood
      > pressure is normal, if I remember correctly when the vet took it.)

      Cardiologists are up on the latest research and treatments. Regular
      vets do their best, but sometimes they misdiagnose the type of heart
      disease or just plain don't know what to do. It sounds like your vet
      is one of the ones on the ball, though.

      > 3. When should I let her go? (I have the feeling barring anything
      > catastrophic, like a clot, she'll let me know when she's ready.)

      It's too early to think about this. She could live years with no
      problems. Take it one day at a time.

      > 4. Anything else I should know?

      Take a look at the group's FAQ (in the links section). Familiarize
      yourself with Zanzi's respiration rate and pattern now, while she's
      at rest and there's no fluid in the lungs (assuming there's no
      fluid). This will help you spot any change later on, should she
      develop congestive heart failure. Don't be afraid to ask questions,
      of your vet or of the group.

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