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  • Linda CuĂ©llar Irrgang
    and the reason for the Pepcid is that too much acid is bad for kidney functions........as I understand it........ ... From: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2005
      and the reason for the Pepcid is that too much acid is bad for kidney
      functions........as I understand it........

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      Susan, please find out what is in the Kidney Essence. Some things might
      increase appetite but aren't good for a CRF cat.

      Pepcid and Slippery Elm Bark do NOT work the same way. Slippery Elm coats
      the stomach, plus has fiber. Pepcid prevents secretion of too much acid.


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      > hi lisa.....roger rags was diagnosed in january with
      > severe hcm and congestive heart failure, but has been
      > doing really, really well......however, he has gone
      > from 14 lbs in january to just under 9 a week or so
      > ago, and naturally it's a huge concern......roger sees
      > a wonderful integrative vet who specializes in chinese
      > medicine, and though we were fearful about adding yet
      > another "something" to his boatload of allopathic meds
      > and supplements, we couldn't allow him to continue
      > losing weight.....his kidney values have climbed
      > consistently since his diagnosis and introduction to
      > the diuretic, lasix, but are now holding steady, and
      > my hunch has always been that the elevated bun and
      > creatinine were somehow intertwined with the weight
      > loss.....one week ago, pamela put him on "kidney
      > essence" (a combination of many chinese herbs) at 1cc
      > twice per day, and by day two he went from eating
      > barely a teaspoon of wet food and a mouthful or two of
      > dry to an entire can and no dry......he is gaining
      > weight and has much more energy.....he has always been
      > given wellness canned, but since his interest had
      > waned, i took up someone's suggestion and bought
      > trader joe's "turkey" and "chicken with rice".....i
      > puree them in a small food processor so that they
      > approach baby food consistency, and he inhales
      > them.....i've now begun introducing the wellness back
      > in (also pureed), and we're back to normal......if you
      > can't find out about the "kidney essence", let me know
      > and i'll get you the details.....it's truly miracle
      > stuff......warmly, susan with roger rags
      >>^..^<....p.s....in addition, what i've found to be
      > far superior to pepcid is slippery elm bark (all
      > health food stores carry it....get the inner
      > bark).....1 tsp mixed into 1/2 cup COLD water and
      > boiled until syrupy.....syringe in 1-3 cc's as needed
      > about an hour away from food for a happy tummy....

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