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Re: Pets and Hurricane Katrina

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  • turkishangoraathumanesociety
    I can only PRAY that Noah s Wish is around if any of our us heart kitties (YES on topic) ever find ourselves in the same position. Anyone who would like to
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5 10:06 AM
      I can only PRAY that Noah's Wish is around if any of our us heart
      kitties (YES on topic) ever find ourselves in the same position.
      Anyone who would like to view $350,000 salaries and all kinds of
      crazy things like that, see for uourselve on watchdog sites like
      www.give.org . Any exec WILLING to take a salary of that excess does
      not IN MY OPINION have the animals best interests at heart. A few
      days ago on FOX, I watch the head of the ASPCA make excuses why they
      couldn't go in, yet Noah's Wish had set up came days earlier in
      Slidell and actively going in and getting animals out. I am saying
      that MY $$$ is going to an org ACTIVELY helping, and that can do so
      WITHOUT all of the $$$, power, and lobbyists that ASPCA and HSUS has
      at their disposal...I guess it's more important to direct $$$ toward
      sending everyone with a mailbox address labels, and TEN FULL SIZE
      holiday card samples. I don't have to "make up" things "OFF LIST"
      about how "awful" an organization is, when their DAILY operations and
      actions speak volumes on their own. OFF my soapbox...

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, TanyaIrw@a... wrote:
      > <<Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 22:00:06 -0400
      > From: Sue B <rockii@o...>
      > Subject: Re: ot: PETS/Hurricane Katrina/Those concerned Pls Read
      > They have a link specifically for Katrina victims.
      > http://www.noahswish.org/Hurricane%20Katrina.htm
      > Noah's Wish has an EXCELLENT reputation!!! (Unlike organizations
      > HSUS
      > that have an extremely high overhead and less than half of donations
      > actually go to the animals.)
      > Sue>>
      > Actually, Sue and others, I have heard some pretty bad things about
      > Noah's Wish. I'd be happy to forward them to you off-list if you
      > interested.
      > I trust HSUS. They have enough people watching them beccause they
      > big that they are legit in what they do. We are also giving money
      > the United Animal Nations EARS (Emergency Animal Rescue Service)
      > the Houston SPCA, which is taking a LOAD of animals and is
      > overwhelmed. Check out www.uan.org and http://www.spcahouston.org
      > Like I said, if you want more info about Noah's Wish and why I am
      > donating to them, write me off list.
      > Thanks,
      > Tanya
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