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Re: [FH] Coenzyme Q10

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  • Lisa Clarizia
    Hi Bridget, Many vets aren t into anything non-traditional, and in some ways, nervousness can be a good thing. We re often so desparate to do something,
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 2, 2005
      Hi Bridget,

      Many vets aren't into anything non-traditional, and in some ways,
      nervousness can be a good thing. We're often so desparate to do something,
      ANYTHING, to help our kitties that we need a reminder that rushing into
      stuff without understanding what we're doing isn't the answer.

      Coezyme q10 is made naturally in the body, and is a critical component of
      the electron transport chain/oxidative phosphorylation, the metabolic
      pathway which provides most of the energy to cells. It's also non-toxic in
      any normal dose (too much of anything can be harmful) and there is
      significant literature which suggests it is very beneficial to humans with
      similar conditions. There are some studies which find it doesn't do any
      good, but there are no studies I'm aware of that indicate it does any kind
      of harm. There are also veterinary studies which suggest, strongly, that
      cardiac disease can be modulated by nutrition. I have a bunch of papers on
      the subject, if you'd like them to show to your vet, email me off the list
      and I'll send them your way.

      You're not talking about taking him off his meds and treating him
      exclusively with q10 -- the q10 is an adjunct therapy. In fairness to your
      vet, he may not have understood that this is what was meant. The q10 will
      not interfere with his meds, there's no side effects (other than the
      possibility of a mildly upset tummy, which is true for any dietary change in
      a cat). The worst that is likely to happen is no effect at all and a slight
      ding in your pocketbook.

      If I were you, I'd try it, BUT ... your comfort level is important here. I'm
      the world's biggest q10 proponent, but frankly, if your kitty is doing fine
      without it AND the idea of giving it to him is giving you the
      heebie-jeebies, then it's not worth the stress to you. Heck, I'm the one who
      refused to bring her kitty into the vet until his one-year anniversary had
      passed because of sheer superstition :)


      On 8/30/05, Bab006@... <Bab006@...> wrote:
      > Ok, I am nervous about giving my cat this. My vet is not into anything non
      > traditional. My cat has restrictive cardiomyopathy and is doing GREAT
      > (knock
      > on wood) and my vet is all about if what is working now don't change it. I
      > am not the type to wait and see if I can prevent something now. He takes
      > enalapril, digoxin and lasix and has outlived his prognosis over 3.5months now.
      > Would you start the CoQ10 to leave things the way they are? Are there any
      > side effects? All his tests came back normal last visit?
      > Bridget Bailey (bab0066vpy)
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      Lisa Clarizia

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