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  • Lisa Clarizia
    Hi Aimee, We re all a little paranoid :) Don t let it bother you. There s no right dose of lasix, except the dose at which the fluid is kept at bay. Some
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2005
      Hi Aimee,

      We're all a little paranoid :) Don't let it bother you.

      There's no "right" dose of lasix, except the dose at which the fluid is kept
      at bay. Some cats get as little as 12.5 mg every other day (or even less)
      and some get 60 mg or more every day.

      The faster breathing can (and usually is) due to fluid, but there are other
      things which can cause shortness of breath, namely, the inability of the
      heart to keep up with increased demand. Baby Boy's usually fine,
      breathing-wise, but if he overdoes his playing he'll get mildly short of
      breath because his exercise tolerance, while good for a cat with a heart as
      bad as his, isn't the same as a healthy cat's.

      The lasix might need to be increased, and/or the enalapril. Baby Boy gets
      his enalapril 2X per day, he also gets a second diuretic, spironolactone,
      which works synergistically with the lasix. His base dose of lasix is
      12.5mg 2x per day, but if he looks like he's starting to fill up I
      increase his
      dose a little. I'd ask your vet about doing that, and/or adding
      spironolactone to his regimen. Some cats have more trouble with fluid than
      others, it's hard to say why some do and some don't.


      On 9/2/05, Aimee Collins <aimeecollins@...> wrote:
      > I have gizmo on 12.5 lasix 2x daily, enapril 1x. I still watch him and
      > check his breathing, he seems to be breathing fast, as has been a while
      > here. I think that I am getting paranoid. He is only 11 pounds. Does that
      > soundlike enough lasix? I am taking him back to see if the fluid in his
      > lungs has drained on Tues. Hope thata there is not more bad news- ast week
      > there was more that the week before.
      > -aimee
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      Lisa Clarizia

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