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Re: [FH] Oxygen in the house

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  • Lisa Clarizia
    I have an O2 cage, generously lent to me by a fellow list-member. I can t tell you how helpful it s been -- during the worst of Baby Boy s crises, it kept him
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 2, 2005
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      I have an O2 cage, generously lent to me by a fellow list-member. I can't
      tell you how helpful it's been -- during the worst of Baby Boy's crises, it
      kept him comfortable and just to have it in the house gives me peace of
      mind. These crises so often happen in the middle of the night or whenever
      it's difficult/impossible to get medical help and knowing there is
      *something* that can be done to at least keep the kitty comfortable is


      On 9/2/05, plplat2003 <plplat2003@...> wrote:
      > When my Tristan had significant trouble breathing in early July, the
      > cardiologist who examined him for CHF suggested that I keep oxygen
      > handy, just in case. His brother Jesse has had CHF in the past, and
      > has a moderate case of HCM.
      > Based on the cardiologist's idea and my fiance's technical skills, I
      > got some oxygen at a medical supply house, and bought a new cat
      > carrier to serve as an oxygen cage. I covered most of the vents and
      > part of the wire door with plastic wrap and foil, to make it
      > semi-air-tight. I plan to feed the oxygen into the carrier if an
      > emergency arises.
      > Having the cage handy sets my mind at ease!
      > Paula =^..^= times 3
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      Lisa Clarizia

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