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Re: [FH] Supplements for my new HCM kitty

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Lisa, In a message dated 8/29/05 4:42:27 PM, heightseeker_98@yahoo.com writes:
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      Hi Lisa,

      In a message dated 8/29/05 4:42:27 PM, heightseeker_98@... writes:

      << My Buffy is a 2 yr old DSH. I took him

      for routine vaccs at the clinic 2 weekends ago >>

      Did you know that the only vaccination mandated by state/local law in the US
      is rabies? And that cats with chronic health disorders can be exempted from
      rabies vax, as well. All other vax are optional...and it is currently thought,
      incl by mainstream organizations eg the American Veterinary Medical
      Association, that annual revax is not only unncessary but potentially harmful. If
      interested, some sources of information about the issue incl:

      1. www.avma.org/policies/vaccination.htm (AVMA vax policy)
      2. www.AVMA.org/vafstf (AVMA feline sarcoma task force)
      3. www.catcaresociety.org/shots.htm (Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XI)
      http://svmweb.vetmed.wisc.edu/VetWeb/DesktopModules/ViewAnnouncement.aspx?ItemID=39&mid=164 (Dr. Ronald Schultz, immunologist and chair of the Dept of
      Pathobiology at the Univ of Wisc School of Vet Med)
      5. www.geocities.com/~kremersark/newhope.html (Sylvia's Journey of New Hope)

      << he was far more pessimistic about the

      situation >>

      I'm sorry you were treated that way. There is a difference between being
      pessimistic and realistic...and caregivers can chose to put their energy into
      helping the cat lead as healthy, full, and comfortable a life as possible, to the
      extent of their and the cat's ability, regardless how "pessimistic" the
      outcome may have been painted.

      << I've heard that Omega-3 oils will help prevent

      clots forming >>

      It's possible they do, at least in humans. But nutrients work quite
      differently than synthetic medications...particularly in that they work individually to
      the body. Essential fatty acids, incl the Omega 3s, have various potential
      effects...and it's not possible to say definitely whether they prevent clots in
      cats in general or will do that in an individual cat specifically. It's also
      important to keep in mind that all nutrients, but esp essential fatty acids,
      work in balance. Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids compete for the same enzymes,
      so an "excess" of one means a "deficit" of the other. I can provide links on
      EFAs if you're interested.

      << Hawthorn Berry might be helpful with blood

      pressure and murmurs. >>

      Again, hawthorn (and I assume you mean the plant, not the homeopathic remedy)
      has various potential effects on the body, depending on the individual...and
      b/c it is tricky to use, it is best to have the cat evaluated by a vet with
      strong experience in botanical medicine. For a directory of holistic and
      integrative vets, see www.ahvma.org/referral/index.html.

      << What else should I be looking at? >>

      The first thing to look at...if you haven't done this already...is a
      high-quality, species-appropriate diet, which supports the entire body and minimizes
      risk of adverse reactions that could affect the heart. Links below. There was
      recently a thread on supplements, so it may be worthwhile reading thru the site
      archives for basic information.

      << I obviously

      don't want to overmedicate if he's feeling ok but I'll do everything

      I can to keep him well. >>

      Terrific attitude!!! He's in good hands.

      Some generally reliable inforation on feline nutrition incl:

      1. http://home.earthlink.net/~jacm2/id1.html
      2. www.catinfo.org
      3. www.maxshouse.com/feline_nutrition.htm
      4. http://rocquoone.com/diet_and_health.htm
      5. www.homevet.com/petcare/feedingyourcat.html
      6. www.drsfostersmith.com/general.cfm?siteid=0&gid=74&ref=2066&subref=AN

      // Rosemary
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