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Re: [FH] OT- belle urinary trouble update

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    Hi Katy, In a message dated 8/2/05 4:06:00 PM, katy_van@hotmail.com writes:
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      Hi Katy,

      In a message dated 8/2/05 4:06:00 PM, katy_van@... writes:

      << i am not sure why she got the UTI. i feed her moist and

      dry food about 50/50 (petguard preium feast moist and felidae dry) >>

      Dry food, which is high in carbohydrate, is a contributing factor to urinary
      tract infection for several reasons. Among them:

      1) it is dehydrating, b/c it contains about 10% moisture and also draws
      moisture (every 1g carbohydrate draws 3g water). The resulting concentrated urine
      is a hospitable environment for bacteria to colonize

      2) it provides a ready source of food for bacteria, b/c the carbohydrate
      content is quickly turned to glucose.

      Dry food also contributes to urinary tract inflammation, b/c some of the
      ingredients (particularly grains) can provoke a reaction from the immune system,
      and to struvite crystals, b/c it can elevate the urinary pH above the slightly
      acid (6.0-6.5) level normal for cats.

      Another factor is stress, keeping in mind that cats can consider stressful
      many things that humans do not.

      << i have to either bring in a

      urine sample >>

      This can be done at home either by holding a clean, disposable container
      (like a 3 oz plastic cup) or a long-handled spoon in the urine stream or using a
      nonabsorbent litter (eg aquarium gravel or newspaper strips) in a clean box,
      then pouring off the sample into a clean container. The sample can be
      refrigerated for a few hrs before being brought to the vet's, the shorter amt of time
      the better.

      << they will have to remove one in 10 days. >>

      Cystocentesis is the only way to assure a sterile sample. // Rosemary
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