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OT:HCM Research Progression

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  • Debbie Gramlich
    The following is an email passed on to me from a Ragdoll breeder. It is very exciting and wanted to pass it on to others, keep it going. Debbie & Zz s From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
      The following is an email passed on to me from a Ragdoll breeder. It is very
      exciting and wanted to pass it on to others, keep it going.

      Debbie & Zz's

      From: "Paul Huntley" <paulh@...>
      Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 19:09:33 -0700
      Subject: [FAN-H] UPDATE -- HCM DNA Test


      In response to several emails I've received recently regarding the Maine
      Coon HCM DNA test, I thought I would post the following info:

      Right now, the best guess is that by November/December, 2005, samples
      will be able to be accepted from breeders for DNA testing for the newly
      discovered Maine Coon HCM mutation. The plan is for Dr. Meurs' lab to
      perform the next phase of testing in support of this ongoing research.

      For the last couple of months, testing has continued on a case-by-case
      basis, for continuing research purposes. Preference has been given to
      colonies that can show a pattern of heritability. For instance, a sire
      (with HCM on echo), a dam (clear on echo), their son (with HCM on echo),
      several queens (clear on echo) and their kittens (unknown) would make
      for an interesting test to demonstrate the heritability through three
      generations. Again, these have been evaluated on a case by case basis,
      and with the goal of demonstrating a clear pattern of heritability.

      One reason for the delay in widespread, general testing is that Dr.
      Meurs has accepted a faculty appointment at Washington State University,
      and will be leaving Ohio State University. She is closing down her lab
      during the month of August and packing her household. She leaves
      Columbus, OH just before Labor Day, travelling to Pullman, Washington
      (approx. 75 miles south of Spokane, WA). Her first day at work at WSU
      is October 18.

      Once she sets up her new lab, her plan is to widen the number of samples
      tested, and sample cats from different locations, and continue this
      research. She will be counting on Maine Coon breeders and fanciers to
      help by providing DNA from their cats. Most likely, after an initial
      influx of Maine Coons, there will be a request for other breeds as well.

      The test will consist of two or three buccal swab samples from each cat,
      air dried, and mailed to the lab. Her goal will be for a rapid
      turnaround, on the order of a week or two. There may be a minimal cost
      associated with each cat, to cover the cost of materials and labor.

      Stay tuned to these lists for further developments!


      P.S. Please crosspost widely.

      Paul Huntley Lunarcoons Maine Coons
      San Jose, CA http://www.lunarcoons.com

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