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Re: throwing up. would like feedback/advice

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  • Sarah David
    Hi, Katy (and Belle), Vomiting is such a common symptom in cats that it might be helpful to try to narrow down the cause even further than you ve done. It can
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2005
      Hi, Katy (and Belle),

      Vomiting is such a common symptom in cats that it might be helpful
      to try to narrow down the cause even further than you've done. It can
      come from anything from a food reaction to stress to IBD to high stomach acid and many other causes. You say she's throwing up at night -- do you mean overnight, or at night when the whole family is home, which is often the highest-energy time in the household.

      If the vomiting is in the evening, consider if it's around your mealtime. The smell of cooking may be stimulating stomach acid.

      What's worked for me over the years sounds like some of what's
      working for you: frequent, small meals so that the stomach acid
      doesn't build up. If the vomiting happens in the night, she may be hungry and getting stomach acid. I leave food out for my cat overnight, but not in the daytime as constantly available food can dull the appetite.

      My cat, Sydney, was put on Pepcid by our vet, at least temporarily,
      when she lost her appetite after a brush with CHF. The vet
      prescribed 1/2 Pepcid twice a day, but I've reduced that successfully to 1/3
      Pepcid once a day, and plan to taper it off and switch to slippery
      elm bark, now that her appetite is back. It works best if you give the
      Pepcid an hour or so before her meal.

      Check the archives for ample instructions on administering slippery
      elm bark as a stomach soother -- it forms a soft mucilage that coats
      the intestinal system. Some people recommend giving the slippery
      elm 20 minutes before meals. I have also read of giving 1/3 capsule
      powdered slippery elm bark (from a health food store) instead of making the
      liquid form. You can mix it in a very small amount of her absolutely
      most favorite food, such as all-meat baby food. If you do the
      liquid, you can administer it by oral syringe, which is easier with some
      cats. Still others just add the slippery elm to the food itself,
      which seems as though it wouldn't be as helpful, but many people
      swear by it.

      Another cause of stomach upset can be a bacteria imbalance in the
      gut. Vets often prescribe prednisone and antibiotics for this condition,
      but a good first step could be to try giving your cat probiotics to
      increase the percentage of good intestinal flora and fauna. Jarrow
      has a product called Pet-Dophilus, and USA Labs has one called DDS.
      The cows-milk-based human probiotics don't work as well for cats.

      For anxiety, I try to identify the cause.There are numerous remedies that calm cats, but I think that identifying the environmental factors and giving your cat what she needs to cope is more beneficial than treating the symptoms with chamomile tea, flower essences, etc. It may be that she needs a warm, cozy hiding place, to sleep in a different spot, or separation from another animal (or the removal of separation). It sounds as though you're very attentive to her needs and I am sure you'll figure out what's behind the stress, if any.

      If she's reacting to certain foods, you can try keeping a record of
      what she ate and what was happening before each episode, and perhaps
      you'll see a pattern.

      And there's always catnip!

      Sarah (and Sydney) 13-year-old DSH calico with HCM and grade 4/6
      murmur. 6.25mg Atenolol twice daily, plus coenzyme q10, l-carnitine,
      and other vitamins.

      > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "katy4282003"
      > wrote:
      > hi.
      > my cat belle throws up about once a month. she use to throw up
      > more (abouut 3-4 times a month) but i cut back her dry food and split
      > her meals from two a day to four. about once a month normally at night
      > she throws up.

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