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Hi. My cat Pearl diagnosed with Mitral insuffiency

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  • kchuplis
    Hi there. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Pearl (8 y.o.) has always had what I consider wierd vomiting issues and an occassional cough. We never pursued this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2005
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      Hi there. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Pearl (8 y.o.) has always had what I consider
      wierd vomiting issues and an occassional cough. We never pursued this agressively,
      although she was xrayed two years ago to see if there was a possible stomach or
      intestinal issue. We discovered arthriis in one knee but nothing else.

      Sunday, her coughing was awful. Where as in the past she coughed maybe once a
      week and maybe not for several weeks (that I know of - I am gone 8 hours a day) this
      was every two hours. I finally took her to an emergency vet. I wondered about asthma
      and that is what that vet thought. I took her xrays to my regular vet who looked at
      them and disagreed with the emergency vet. She thought the heart looked enlarged.
      The cardio vet happened to be coming that after noon, so I brought her in. End of
      long story, he found a leaky valve. He says "not real bad" but you could see it. The
      prednisone the emergency vet put her on is being continued (she hasn't coughed
      since that first dose), and my vet had me pick up meds today. She is currently on the
      predinisone and just tonight I gave her her first doses of lasix and enalapril. 1/2 lasix
      and 1 enalipril. In a week we go to 1/4 lasix. We are weeding the pred down to
      eventually 1/2 tab everyday. She needs to lose about 4 lbs. too. The cardio vet
      recommended SD g/d (which I gave her a bit of the canned today and that seems fine
      with her but the dry she throws up.) Sooo. Poor girl has diarhea today. From stress of
      going to vets for two days? I don't know. She *does* ocassionally get it. I'm thinking
      of trying to take away all dry food, though that is tough because that is all my other
      cat will eat.

      She is pretty lethargic since I gave her the meds, but I can tell she is uncomfortable
      from the diarehha. She's not an active cat to begin with and never has been. I've had
      her 3 years since she was 6. BTW, her heart in the xray from two years ago looked
      fine. This seems to have progressed slowly over the last two years.

      Feeling very overwhelmed and wonder what others experience is. It's wierd because I
      am most nervous about giving her the heart meds. Vet said I could crush up all three
      and mix in food, which is what I did.

      Is there anything I should look for? She has never presented panting. She was
      wheezing after the coughing barrage on Sunday, but you could really only hear it
      through a stethoscope.

      While he said this didn't look bad, he said "I've seen cats live months if not years with
      this". Ugh. MONTHS?

      I need to get her blood tested to see if thyroid caused this, but we all agreed that
      could wait until next week since she is SO stressed about going the vet. I sure hope
      she does not have a thyroid problem. I just can't see adding another med!!!

      Anyhow, any advice or observations are appreciated.

      Thank you.

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