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Re: [FH] Can atenolol and/or aspirin cause diarrhea?

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    Hi Deb, In a message dated 5/29/05 10:42:25 AM, debskats5@yahoo.com writes:
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      Hi Deb,

      In a message dated 5/29/05 10:42:25 AM, debskats5@... writes:

      << Katy's had unformed stools, not really diarrhea, for quite awhile. >>

      A leading contributing factor to abnormal stool quality is diet.

      << We switched her food a couple of years ago to Eukanuba Low Residue >>

      This product contains a number of ingredients that can contribute to
      inflammation of the bowel and loose stools, incl chicken by-product meal, corn meal,
      corn grits, chicken, fish meal, dried egg product, and brewers dried yeast
      (which are the primary product ingredients).

      << and

      her stools improved, but over the last several months they've become

      unformed again >>

      One of the reasons that this happens is because changing from one brand of
      food to another temporarily breaks the inflammatory reaction brought on in part
      by constant exposure to "allergenic" ingredients. Once the gut becomes
      constantly exposed to a new set of potentially allergenic ingredients again, the same
      reaction occurs.

      If the cat was having an adverse reaction to a previous diet, switching to a
      product that also contains common allergens is not effective. The first step
      is to minimize the risk of adverse reactions by feeding a high-quality,
      low-carbohydrate, moisture-rich, low-allergen, meat-based diet; some cats can
      tolerate common protein sources (eg turkey and chicken) and some need a "novel"
      protein (eg duck, venison, or rabbit). Depending on the immune system, this may be
      enough to help the gut return to a normal balance, incl normal water and
      bacteria balance that is needed for good stool quality.

      << and last night I was in the basement when she used the

      litter box and they're completely loose now, not formed at all. >>

      It may be a good idea, for symptomatic relief, to give a small amt of
      slippery elm bark (eg 50-100 mg/day as needed)...and also add a nondairy mixed
      probiotic (eg Jarrow Pet-Dophilus or UAS Labs DDS) to help replenish beneficial
      bacteria in the gut.

      << I did a Google search looking for side effects of atenolol and the

      only thing I found was that atenolol could cause diarrhea in some

      dogs, but no mention was made about diarrhea in cats. >>

      Any individual can have an adverse reaction to any synthetic medication. //
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