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Re: [FH] New Member with Questions

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  • lclarizia@aol.com
    Hi Marge and Spice, Welcome to the group, though I m sorry you had to join us! ... Fish oil: I give it to my kitty, but it s mixed in with a bunch of other
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29 5:00 PM
      Hi Marge and Spice,

      Welcome to the group, though I'm sorry you had to join us!

      > I've been reading about fish oil and CoQ-10 and would like to start him on
      > those. I take fish oil capsules that contain 180 mg. EPA and 120 mg. DHA
      > plus Vitamin E (amount not specified) - could I give the liquid in those
      > capsules to him and, if so, how much a day for an 11 pound cat? Same question on
      > CoQ-10 - how much per day for an 11 pound cat? I have 30 mg capsules of that.

      Fish oil: I give it to my kitty, but it's mixed in with a bunch of other
      stuff. His dose works out to about 80 mgs per day.

      Coenzyme Q10: I highly recommend this! My little guy gets 200 mg per day
      (100 mg 2x a day) BUT he gets it as part of a liquid compound of which he
      invariably spits a little out and his heart is very bad. I started him at 30 mg per
      day, watched him, and since he had no trouble, worked him up to his present
      dose over a couple of weeks.

      > Are there other supplements that would be good for him? Before this, I was
      > giving one of my cats who is FIV+ an immune boosting supplement called TF
      > Feline Complete <http://www.4life.com/products/AnimalHealth/feline.html>. I
      > was going to start Spice on it as a cancer preventative, but I'm worried that
      > some of the ingredients might cause problems with his heart meds, so I'm
      > waiting to talk to the cardiologist about that.

      There are several which can be helpful. My guy gets a home-made liquid
      compound which contains:

      - Vitamins A, C, D and E
      - A B vitamin complex, containing B1, B2, B6, B12, and folic acid
      - Arginine, L-carnitine, L-lysine and taurine
      - Fish oil
      - Magnesium and calcium
      - Dandelion extract (whole plant)
      - Glycerine (for sweetness)

      Plus his Q10 and nattokinase.

      It sounds like a lot, but everything (except the Q10, dandelion and
      nattokinase) is ground up together in a mortar and pestle, with the oil-based
      ingredients well-ground into the dry to emulsify them, resuspended in water and stored
      in the fridge. He gets about 1.5 ml of it 2X a day, with the Q10, nattokinase
      and dandelion added at the last minute.

      It tastes awful (I've tried it), though the glycerine cuts the bitterness of
      the amino acids somewhat, but there's no way I could ever *pill* him with
      this, even if he were easily pilled (which he's not). I grind up his meds, add
      them to the mix and use a 3 ml oral syringe, aiming for the back of his mouth,
      to administer. It works pretty well.

      This combination has worked very well for him. He has end-stage dilated
      cardiomyopathy, and prior to starting this regimen, was lethargic, inappetant, and
      his poor little chest was constantly filling with fluid which required
      frequent chest taps. In the last six months he's had lots of energy, eats like a
      horse, has maintained his weight between 9-10 lbs, and has had only minor fluid
      issues which are controlled by increasing his meds. It's not a cure, and at
      some point his luck is going to run out, but these supplements have really,
      really done so much to give him a good quality of life.

      I wouldn't suggest you run out and buy all these for Spice, though. Start
      small and see how he reacts to the Q10 and fish oil. If he tolerates them well,
      you can begin adding others. The one thing to stay away from is anything
      with hawthorn in it -- it's contraindicated for cats with cardiomyopathy, even
      though it's often marketed as a cardiac stimulant.

      Hope this helps. Again, welcome!


      "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

      - Anatole France

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