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Re: Clot question

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  • protectanimals
    (if you already know Monkey s story, you may want to skip this post! I sent the other person on the list who asked about clots a private email about Monkey,
    Message 1 of 4 , May 3, 2005
      (if you already know Monkey's story, you may want to skip this post!
      sent the other person on the list who asked about clots a private
      about Monkey, but since the question has come up again, I thought I
      should post).

      I know that it is terrifying imagining a beloved cat having a blood
      clot. I hope no one else reading this has to go thru it (or go thru
      again). I don't have any knowledge of what the statistical odds are,
      but I can describe our personal experience.

      Yes, there is hope if a saddle thrombosis happens. As Irene said,
      cat has had two. My cat Monkey had one a month ago and lived through
      it. She has full function back in one of the rear legs and some hip
      function back in the other. She has pulse back down to the bottom of
      both legs.

      This was her second clot. The first was about a month prior, to her
      front leg, and she was using it again in two days.

      We were very lucky in that there was not pain either time. Monkey
      understandably scared, but that's it. If she did have painful clots
      where she was in agony, we would have euthanized her for sure. They
      say she had no pain because the blockage was partial, although the
      paralysis was total for awhile.

      Like Irene, we do live with the knowledge that it could happen again.

      The second was a day less than a month after the first. We have just
      passed the month mark since the second!

      To treat, Monkey has had a combination of anticoagulants, massage (by
      me) to restore circulation, and some TTouch (by me, the practitioner
      town is a friend and showed me some things). We are researching
      supplements recommended by this group and by a holistic vet. We are
      also researching acupuncture.

      The vets tell me that is it very rare for a cat to survive throwing a
      blood clot as there is usually extreme pain. So, unless someone else
      here has other info, I guess Monkey and Scratchy are rare cases, and
      do remember someone else mentioning something on this list the past
      month that sounded like a blood clot. I suppose the cardiologists
      more of it than the regular vets.

      Sounds like Baby has a lot going on for you to deal with. Hopefully
      you will never have to deal with a clot. Monkey had the HCM
      since 1998 and was completely asymptomatic (on meds) until the first
      clot in Feb. 05. Hope this helps....

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "vickie" <vickiej@e...> wrote:
      > What are the odds of a clot happening, or a saddle thrombosis?
      > If a saddle thrombosis happens is there any hope? What can be done?

      > What about kidney problems do to the meds, how likely is this?
      > The only thing I've been told is that his heart will just stop,
      unless he gets
      > a clot.
      > On top of all this Baby is also diabetic.
      > Thanks,
      > Vickie and Baby
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