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Re: [FH] New here... Hello from Lynn and Teegan :-)

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  • Lynn
    ... ````````````````````````````````````````````` Hi Marthe & Gina and Lenny too! :-) Yep... all I have to do is bring out the camera and Teegan strikes a
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2 6:24 AM
      marthe horn-Davis wrote:
      > Hi Lynn,
      > Loved the pictures, beautiful eyes! What a great cat!
      > The picture of him meowing on his back is hilarious,
      > my daughter asked me, how did she get him to do that.
      > I told her that's probably just Teegan (you said he
      > was a ham!)
      Hi Marthe & Gina and Lenny too! :-)

      Yep... all I have to do is bring out the camera and Teegan "strikes a
      pose"! LOL!
      That first picture of him on his back exemplifies his personality all
      right, although that was
      taken during his much younger "kitten fat" days. He is still a really
      big, tall male cat and
      was very muscular and solid (although he has lost a bit of muscle and
      weight from the
      cardiomyopathy now).

      Thanks so much for the info about the weight control. I do have one
      other cat that looks
      like a big black beach ball at the moment, and I do worry about his
      weight! I'll look into the
      info you mentioned in this group. Rami is a very active cat, but
      genetics are not on his side
      and I do have to chase him away from taking over the other cats'
      bowls while they're still

      > So, this is a very good group to belong to. People on
      > it care and show their concern about their own and
      > each other's cats. Its wonderful to know that there
      > are people who understand.

      I've gotten some very caring, supportive Emails so I've found this is
      really great group for
      support already. I've gleaned a lot of insight and helpful
      information too. Thanks so much
      to all of you! I hope I can offer some support in return. Hugs to all!

      Lynn & Teegy
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