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  • marthe horn-Davis
    Hi Susan, I am thrilled to hear that roger rags is doing well, and a great birthday present indeed. Also I just wanted to footnote a post I wrote, about
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      Hi Susan,

      I am thrilled to hear that roger rags is doing well,
      and a great birthday present indeed.

      Also I just wanted to footnote a post I wrote, about
      boarding. I probably sounded a little left wing.
      Whether or not my Jude would have died after he was
      boarded is unknown...my point was only that I have
      found boarding to be stressful and opt for keeping my
      cats at home.

      Also of course there are times if that special person
      is not possible to care for your animals, boarding is
      the next best thing.

      On the other hand, if a cat is highly likely to run
      into medical problems, that would be different since
      the vet is ALWAYS the best place to be when an
      emergency strikes, in which case it makes sence to
      have them there...for boarding keeping in mind though
      that at night there is no-one there usually, so
      essencially the same as leaving them at home alone at
      night. Again it all depends on the situation.

      So if I was insensitive or sounded opinionated, I
      didn't mean it that way..every case is different.
      There are alot of circumstances to consider. I guess
      in my case, I have been fortunate to run into this
      person, see her doing her job at the neighbours
      regularly, had a chance to see first hand that she was
      dependable. Then when I met her, when I just talked to
      her when she was walking the neighbour's dog, I was
      thrilled to find out she was knowledgeable, kind and
      compassionate and worked with an animal rescue, (on
      her business card) The fact that she was involved
      with animal rescue and a vet tech proved that she was
      interested and cared about animals and would recognize
      a medical problem,(gives prescribed meds as part of
      the job!) or if the animal wasn't eating etc. so I
      guess I got lucky. She carried an appointment book
      and we met and she got the particulars, ie where we
      could be reached, our cats veterinarian, names of the
      cats, who eats what...any pertinent additional
      information. Most reassuring was the fact that she
      would continue to visit until notification from us
      that we were home. Not that we would ever forget but
      things can happen.


      Marthe, Lenny, and Gina

      --- Susan Burns <mettezla@...> wrote:
      hi all....roger rags saw his cardiologist yesterday
      for an x-ray and blood tests (including a verrrrrry
      expensive clotting study which is one of his many
      birthday presents), and since he still has some mild,
      patchy fluid IN his lungs, the lasix has gone up from
      31.5mgs total/day to 35mgs (given tid) ....in
      addition, she increased his spiro (6.25mgs) from once
      a day to twice a day....she felt that she didn't need
      to do another echo, as she's familiar enough with his
      heart and wants to focus on his lungs....she's
      comfortable with my decision to use natto to moderate
      his coagulation, and i'm hoping that the blood tests
      will indicate that its doing its job....i asked her
      about the pimobendan that kevin spoke of this past
      week, and she tells me that it is absolutely
      contraindicated for hcm, as it actually speeds up the
      heart....kevin mentioned to me that rosebud was
      diagnosed with rcm, and that's a different
      ballgame....i didn't ask her about dcm....things
      continue to go well for us, all things considered, and
      i wish the same for each and every one of you and your
      fur babies....today is roger's fourth birthday, and as
      always he is sitting on my foot purring away as i
      write this.....may there be many more.....warmly,
      susan and roger rags =^..^=

      "if you live to be a hundred, i want to live to be a
      hundred minus one day, so that i never have to live
      without you"....winnie the pooh

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