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Re: [FH] vet tech/cat sitter in nyc

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  • marthe horn-Davis
    Hi Kate, I don t have any names in n.y. and asking your vet makes sence, but I know from my own past experience, and no offence to boarding facilities, my cats
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2005
      Hi Kate,

      I don't have any names in n.y. and asking your vet
      makes sence, but I know from my own past experience,
      and no offence to boarding facilities, my cats do much
      better in their own environment.

      In 1986, I went to Florida, and left my cat, Jude, a
      stray Siamese, at my vet for boarding, for 13 days.
      When I came back, I found he hadn't eaten well, ( I
      even recall that I had called in between a couple of
      times to see how he was doing, just some gut feeling I
      guess) and whatever the reason, after coming home I
      discovered he was very sick and had to bring him back
      to the vet, where he ended up dying a couple of days
      later. One of those unknowns...but whatever it was it
      made me decide to not go that route again. Since he
      was a stray, I had had him about 6 years and didn't
      know his history or real age but the whole thing could
      have been related to stress. I haven't done the
      boarding thing since.

      True, if the animal became sick, while being boarded
      at the vet's, there would be someone there that could
      treat them during the day but your point of no one at
      the vet's at night is a valid one.

      I think being in a crate must be stressful....and they
      would not get any exercise, also there are other
      unknown animals...maybe it works for some cats and if
      there are no other options then I guess the boarding
      route is the way to go.

      There is risk of disease but of course, when an animal
      is sick, they need to be at the vet's, and may not
      likely be affected as much by the environment, but any
      other time I don't board.

      I have in the past had neighbours come into my home,
      but after losing Rocky in November, and when I got my
      new kitten, I wanted to be extra careful. Simarilarly
      having a cat that requires medication needs a
      qualified caregiver. Neighbours are good, but I hate
      to burden them, and unfortunately my neighbours don't
      have cats so I feel better with a cat sitter.

      I saw a pet-sitter's car in a neighbours driveway this
      spring and approached the woman. After speaking with
      her; she was walking the dog, I learned that she was a
      vet tech, did the medication thing if required, and
      charged by the visit, in our case in Canada, $17.00
      per visit (1/2 hour) she would do a 1/2 visit for
      about $7.00. Thought I would give it a try. So what I
      did was have her come in at 7:00 a.m., lunch time (1/2
      visit) and evening. It turned out costing about
      $85.00 for the weekend. She got a key and to be
      secure, I gave my neighbour a key in case the sitter
      might lose the key. I also gave her a call when I was
      away, to be sure she would remember-avoid mixups etc.
      Her method was thorough, ie in addition to telling her
      the day of return, she would continue to drop in until
      she received a phone call from us to confirm our
      return home.

      The money spent was worth it because I decided that
      this was the person's job and she was trained in
      giving medications; also I felt that she would
      recognize a problem and call me and take the cat to
      the vet if required.

      In addition to feeding the cats, she would do plants,
      mail etc. since we were away only 2 nights and I
      wanted her to concentrate on the cats only, we did all
      that before going.

      Most important to get someone reliable, that someone
      else has used, and maybe try it out for a day or two
      to start. Anyway, we have her booked for a few days in
      the summer when I know we will be gone and she could
      get busy.

      Going away is always a worry and it is kind of you to
      look after your sick relative. I hope you find a
      solution and that Izzy is ok.

      Its always a worry, and tricky with medications, but
      my experience at least has been keeping the cat in its
      own environment is the least stressful to the cat,
      provided there is a good caretaker, who is reliable
      and trustworthy, will play with, feed and give fresh
      water and keep the litter box clean and who is able to
      detect any problems and make the correct judgement
      about them. You should be able to access that person
      directly or get a message to them that will be
      returned, while you are away as well. They should be
      able to extend the care as long as required should you
      need it.

      This has been my experience and hope it helps.

      All the best!!

      Marthe, Gina and Lenny

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