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New here... Hello from Lynn and Teegan :-)

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  • Lynn
    Hello everyone :-) First, I apologize for the formatting. I tried like heck to get the text to wrap correctly, but to no avail, so this may be hard to read!
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2005
      Hello everyone :-)

      First, I apologize for the formatting. I tried like heck to get the
      text to wrap correctly, but
      to no avail, so this may be hard to read! :-{

      I'm new here and wanted to introduce my cat Teegan and myself to the
      group. I've been
      reading the messages in this group for about four weeks now since
      Teegan was first
      diagnosed during a regular check up, and have found so much useful
      information from all
      of your experiences. Thanks you all so much sharing!

      I thought I'd also share my experience so far with Teegan...
      Teegan just turned 12 and has always been a very active and playful
      guy, (and a big 19.5
      lb guy!), but over the previous few months had lost a couple of
      pounds and obvious
      muscle tone, and was not as active and had taken to crouching a lot.
      He never was out of
      breath or breathing hard (and still doesn't). My first thought was
      hyperthyroidsm as I've
      had two other cats who have had it along with myself. We all had the
      radioactive iodine
      treatment and all recovered just fine and dandy. Unfortunately, this
      wasn't Teegan's
      problem after running a standard T-4 and later on a full T-4 to make
      absolutley sure.
      His ECG revealed a fibrilation and X-rays showed a little fluid
      around his heart. He then
      had an ultrasound and he has a slight thickening of the atrial walls
      and some enlargement
      of the atrial ventricles. He was put on 6.25 mg of Lasix am/pm. A
      follow up X-ray showed
      a substantial decrease in fluid, and we added in 2.5 mg of Enalapril
      daily. We tried
      dropping the dose of the Lasix by half, but he started to become more
      lathrgic and
      restless again, so he's back to the original dose. The Lasix has
      helped a great deal. He's
      obviously much more relaxed and feels better now.

      I use a mortor and pestel to grind his meds into a fine powder and
      mix that into a bit of
      gravy from a Fancy Feast grilled flavor and he laps that right up,
      then he gets his regular
      Nutro Natural. Teegan is pychic when it comes to pills and he is an
      expert at evading me
      when I have a pill hidden in my hand so I'm glad the meds can't be
      tasted in his food!
      Thankfully, he still has his appetite, but I created a monster. He
      much prefers the Fancy
      Feast of course and is up on the counter screaming for it every time
      I go into the kitchen.
      Sometimes I cave in... what can I say? Needless to say, he's gained
      some weight back.

      Teegan has a another round of monitoring blood tests and X-rays
      coming up in another
      week, along with removal of a polyp on his tummy that was discovered
      during the
      ultrasound after fur removal. A needle aspiration concluded that it
      was probably benign,
      but he had a mast cell tumor removed once so we're not taking any
      chances. It's with a
      local, so no risks of general anethesia, but I know it's still
      stressful for him. Thankfully,
      Teegan is a pretty laid back, cooperative kind of guy and he gets
      along great with his
      Teegan is half siamese and half tabby. He has the big blue eyes of a
      siamese. His two
      sisters also live with me along with another non-relative big black
      cat (his buddy whom he
      loves to wrassle with). Teegan is feeling good enough again to chase
      down his sisters
      which he also loves doing, much to the dissapointment of his sisters
      who hate it!
      I've put a couple of pictures of Teegan in the photo section. He's
      the biggest ham.. he
      insisted. :-D
      I'm not sure how long I'll have my Teegan with me, but I hope I can
      keep him as
      comfortable and happy as long as he's here with me. I'm glad this
      group is here for
      support and help.

      Hugs to all going through this, cats and their human companions both!

      Lynn and Teegan
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