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natto, etc.

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  • Gillian
    Hi, Meredith (and Monkey)- I heard about nattokinase eons ago when I was living on the internet after we discovered that Jerzy had dilated cardiomyopathy. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
      Hi, Meredith (and Monkey)-
      I heard about nattokinase eons ago when I was living on the internet after we
      discovered that Jerzy had dilated cardiomyopathy. The first mention I saw was on, I
      think it was HolisticCatChat...? or something? It was recommended by a vet named
      Dr. Stephen Tobin on the Ask The Holistic Vet page. Some time later I left a question
      for him after Jerzy started walking oddly and I was afraid he'd thrown a clot. Even tho'
      I prefaced the question with an "of COURSE I realize you haven't seen my cat and
      would NEVER hold you responsible for any unfortunate results blah, blah, blah" I still
      received a rather vague answer. I'd asked if a certain amount of natto, around half the
      amount that Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi used to dissolve clots in dogs in his studies, would've
      helped. All I got was a "prevention is better than a cure... sprinkle one capsule on his
      food daily, etc." so I can't say if the amount would've helped. (If you'd like I can go
      back and try to find the amount I'd asked about).
      Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi began his studies in 1990 with Nattokinase and was spectacularly
      successful. There's been PLENTY of time to have research contradicting his results
      come to light but I haven't found any (and god knows colloidal silver, herbs,
      homeopathic remedies and such, rightly or wrongly, have been hammered plenty over
      the years). Instead, what I've found are some pretty seriously legit companies
      expressing an interest in natto and doing studies with it. One of the most impressive
      companies I found that were interested was JCR Pharmaceuticals, Co. Ltd- these are
      the guys whose product portfolio includes injectable recombinant human growth
      hormone and bulk compounds such as trypsin inhibitor UTI and macrophage-colony
      stimulating factor... plus they're now into the whole stem cell research thing ("to
      develop and commercialize treatment for hematologic malignancies" ). Yikes!
      I really have NO knowledge of the other enzyme you mentioned tho' I think I've read a
      bit about it recently ('cause a friend of mine has a husband with stage 4 cancer and
      needs a blood thinner that won't freakin' kill him!), but so far I've gotta say that there's
      so much more on natto that your vets could look up. Check PubMed as they now
      have OODLES of articles on nattokinase that I'm sure your vets (or you) would
      understand (very scientific language, fraught with stats, etc.). Plus- I would go with
      natto because it is now seen as, well, hell! Let me just write most of the danged
      thing! This is from an abstract for a lecture given by Procter and Gamble Technology
      researchers (BIOT 210 [575004] Cloning of nattokinase genes and its preliminary
      studies) during the 2003 Conference of the American Chemical Society,
      Biochemistry Technology Division: "...It has been shown that Nattokinase has
      thrombolytic function. Compared with several thrombolytic agents that are currently
      approved for clinical use or under clinical investigation, such as Urokinase (UK),
      Streptokinase (SK), and tPA, NK is safer, easier to be absorbed by body and can
      take effect more quickly in the body. So undoubtedly NK will be developed potentially
      as a novel thrombolytic agent...". This lecture was presented to the likes of Abbott
      Labs, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Inc. etc. etc. - you know, people who DO NOT suffer
      fools gladly!
      And if you're interested in one of the MANY natto preparations that are out there-
      there's "Nattovita" which is the only one endorsed by Dr. Sumi himself, plus it is
      CoQ10 enhanced.
      So anyway, that's my 2 cents- just 1) I don't think it can be absorbed by a cat if it's
      encapsulated, or gel-capped, etc. (the NK, not my 2 cents... I'm sure that's highly
      digestible, kinda...) and 2) PubMed! PubMed! PubMed!

      I may have links, pages and such if you need them, please just e-mail me. I think
      this is looooooong enough, tho', huh?
      Anyway, I just found out that my little Jerzy is in the last stages of CHF and will be
      dying soon so I think I'm gonna go hang out by the closet, hoping he'll come out and
      eat SOMEthing, baby food? But I'll be checking e-mail, etc. 'cause the "Death
      Watch" really, really, really hurts and a diversion would be a godsend!
      Good luck to y'all, please let Monkey know that Jerzy and I send hugs,
      Gillian (and a very precious Little Jerzy)
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