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Re: [FH] Monkey's Recheck/edema/nattokinase

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  • lclarizia@aol.com
    In a message dated 4/3/2005 10:33:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time, ... The tendency on the part of most medical practitioners is to err on the side of caution --
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      In a message dated 4/3/2005 10:33:52 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      meredityok@... writes:

      > I had asked the doctor about nattokinase and the other one that starts with
      > a
      > "b." She had not heard of them, but agreed to research them. She has a
      > place on-line where she posts to other professionals, and she said that two
      > cardiologists have been consulting with her regarding Monkey. She said the
      > response was basically "Never heard of that!" and "Why would you want to
      > use
      > something that's not proven to work when you are already using something
      > that is
      > proven to work (Lovenox)?" pretty much echoing my vet's initial reaction. I
      > was
      > sorta expecting this response from the vets, having read some of the
      > information I've learned from this group on these enzymes.

      The tendency on the part of most medical practitioners is to err on the side
      of caution -- which is understandable and often the wisest course of action.
      Medical science requires a great deal by way of proof before accepting new
      treatments (except some tend to believe everything drug reps tell them).
      However, in my opinion and I'm going to be brutally frank here, heart kitties are a
      completely different story because heart kitties are terminal, they are almost
      never going to have a "normal" lifespan and desperate situations often require
      creative and novel approaches.

      Also, I don't like the attitude of dismissing something out of hand, simply
      because one has never heard of it before. Lovenox and natto have two
      completely different actions. Lovenox works to prevent clotting, natto digests
      existing clots, and they're not mutually exclusive -- you can use them both at the
      same time. But, I can see where the attitude comes from, in light of the
      tendency towards caution.

      > So far, I'm going with our vet's recommendation not to use the nattokinase
      > or
      > other enzymes. I certainly would like to hear what the group's thinking is
      > on this. My thinking is that Monkey's blood flow and function are
      > returning,
      > so I think the Lovenox is helping....if Monkey weren't getting better, I
      > would
      > likely be having different ideas about trying lots of things. Also, I trust
      > and love my vet, have worked with her for ten years.

      My only "concern" would be if your vet dismissed natto or other
      non-allopathic treatments out of hand without a rational reason as to why she felt they
      were not appropriate, and frankly just not knowing about something is not a
      rational reason for ruling it out. Nor does just asking someone on an internet
      board -- and that goes for this list too -- constitute "research". For instance,
      I learned about natto and coenzyme q10 and their use in treating heart
      kitties from this list, but I didn't immediately run out and start giving it to my
      cat just because some people on an email support group said they worked. I
      looked them up, found papers, read, considered the benefits versus risks and made
      up my own mind.

      If your vet did something like dig up papers on natto (they're out there)
      read them and then said "I don't think natto has the fibrinolytic activity it's
      claimed to have because of X, Y and Z" or even "there are no studies done in
      cats and I can't recommend it because I have no idea if it's safe or not" then
      THAT, imho, is a rational reason for deciding against a treatment.

      I trust and love my vet too, but I've completely disagreed with him over how
      to treat my little guy with no problems :) But, in the end, the most
      important thing is that *you* are comfortable with Monkey's treatment and the people
      who are treating her. Lovenox or other low molecular weight heparins are
      perfectly fine treatments for cats with clot issues, certainly more likely to be
      effective than aspirin and Monkey is improving which is *awesome* (go, Monkey!)
      -- so it's not that Monkey's treatment is wildly inappropriate by any means at
      all. If you're okay with it, that's what matters the most!

      Just my $0.02 :)


      "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

      - Anatole France

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