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Monkey's Recheck/edema/nattokinase

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    Thank you to everyone who wrote to express support and concern for Monkey. In case you missed my intro, Monkey has had thrombosis twice, the first time to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2005
      Thank you to everyone who wrote to express support and concern for Monkey.
      In case you missed my intro, Monkey has had thrombosis twice, the first time to
      the front right leg about a month ago and this time about 10 days ago, a
      saddle thrombosis, neither of which resulted in pain.

      We had our second recheck Friday night, and things are much better! I could
      tell on Friday during the day that Monkey had turned a corner. Until then,
      she had been spending her days where I work (at a vets) hiding under a towel,
      not eating, not particularly vocal or interactive. I thought maybe she was just
      hiding from the barking dogs. But Friday she ate at work, was on top of her
      towels, curious, talkative, active, alert. Must have been feeling better...
      Also, her pads of the right rear finally looked pink again and were WARM!

      Thursday a.m. her right rear leg was swollen from the knee down. I called
      the vet (her regular vet is not the practice I work for), and she indicated that
      could be a good sign of returned blood flow, a venous return (something like
      that, where the veins can't keep up with what the arteries are delivering).
      She didn't think Monkey needed to move her recheck earlier to Thursday, and by
      Friday, the swelling had gone down and Monkey had perked up as described.

      Anyway, at the recheck, the Doppler was able to hear pulse down to the bottom
      of BOTH of Monkey's rear legs (the prior Friday the pulse was detected only
      in the rear left leg)! The doctor was dancing around the room for joy! Then
      we watched Monkey try to walk, and she was trying intentionally use the right
      foot in addition to the left! I say trying, because there's still much
      weakness and knuckling, but hey, it's a great start, considering she was down and out
      with no pulse in either leg just a week prior!

      I had asked the doctor about nattokinase and the other one that starts with a
      "b." She had not heard of them, but agreed to research them. She has a
      place on-line where she posts to other professionals, and she said that two
      cardiologists have been consulting with her regarding Monkey. She said the
      response was basically "Never heard of that!" and "Why would you want to use
      something that's not proven to work when you are already using something that is
      proven to work (Lovenox)?" pretty much echoing my vet's initial reaction. I was
      sorta expecting this response from the vets, having read some of the
      information I've learned from this group on these enzymes.

      So far, I'm going with our vet's recommendation not to use the nattokinase or
      other enzymes. I certainly would like to hear what the group's thinking is
      on this. My thinking is that Monkey's blood flow and function are returning,
      so I think the Lovenox is helping....if Monkey weren't getting better, I would
      likely be having different ideas about trying lots of things. Also, I trust
      and love my vet, have worked with her for ten years.

      The other issue I would like to have some feedback on is this swelling in her
      rear right leg, because it keeps coming back. Saturday (yesterday) a.m., the
      swelling was back up, then almost all down again by last evening. This a.m.,
      it is up again.

      If I have neglected to respond to anyone's emails, I apologize. I intended
      to answer everyone, but hope I didn't miss anyone. We're basically just going
      thru the motions here, doing pretty much only what we have to do. I am a 24
      hour nurse. Also in the midst of all this, a friend of mine died of breast
      cancer on Wednesday. I had two messages on my machine Wednesday night, the first
      from my friend's daughter telling me of my friend's death, and the second
      from my vet returning my message, saying she would be available by phone for a
      short while. Triage mode snapped in, and I immediately called the vet....she
      never would have known about the news I had just received! I'm trying to
      describe my recent state of mind, but probably not doing a great job of it. Just
      doing what needs to be done, no matter what it takes, and not much more than

      Thanks for your help.....Meredith with Monkey

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