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Shadow is gone...long

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  • TheKitterSitter@aol.com
    I just wanted to let you all know that I had to put Shadow to sleep last night. He was a 15 1/2 year old Maine Coon and was such a GREAT cat. He had developed
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      I just wanted to let you all know that I had to put Shadow to sleep last

      He was a 15 1/2 year old Maine Coon and was such a GREAT cat.

      He had developed chronic renal failure about 5 or 6 months ago and then went
      into congestive heart failure about 5 or 6 weeks ago. He had been seeing a
      cardiologist for about 6 years due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. We kept him
      going over the past 6 weeks with weekly visits to the cardiologist, lasix and
      a host of other medications. But, he stopped eating and was consistently
      lethargic for the last week. He spent the last for days at the hospital at the
      cardiologist's office. He received some fluids there and his chest remained
      clear except for a small amount of fluids outside of his lungs (not enough to
      tap). His kidney values were up and then went down slightly with the fluids.
      His other bloodwork came out normal.

      I wanted to get him an e-tube but the cardiologist said that he could not
      handle the anestisia and would not likely make it out of the surgery. They did
      get Shadow to eat a little bit on Thursday on his own. So, Thursday night I
      brought him home for the night. He visited with us for about 15 minutes and the
      rest of the time hid in the corner of the basement, under the basement stairs
      and in our closet. He did not eat. He was clearly going down hill. He had
      been doing some hiding before, but not to this extent.

      I dropped him back off at the cardiologist's office on Friday morning on my
      way to work because she wanted to evaluate him again and watch him for the day.
      He was even more lethargic and there wasn't much more they could do. It was
      thought that we may very well could be dealing with some other major
      problem...like cancer.

      The only other thing they could do for him was to do an ultrasound of his
      abdomen to see if they could see a mass that might indicate cancer. I decided
      against this because even if we found cancer I would not treat it due to his
      kidney failure and heart failure. There was just too much going against him.
      Plus, the vet said that even if I wanted to treat the cancer we may not be able
      to due to his other problems.

      We had been struggling to keep weight on him over the last year, so there
      could of been something brewing for a while now. He went though all kinds of
      tests last year to find out what was wrong with no clear answer.

      They gave me the option to take him home last night and then PTS at my
      regular vet's office this morning, but I decided to do it last night. I didn't want
      to see him come home and just hide and feel like crap and sleep on the cold
      floor. There was no more quality to his life and waiting until this morning
      would just be prolonging the inevitable.

      I spent an hour and a half with him on a couch in a room they had there. He
      was relaxed and let me pet him and love him. This is much more than I would
      of had, had we brought him home. He would of headed straight for a hiding
      place. So, I think I made the right decision. He went very peacefully.

      Now as I sit here crying I am struggling with the "what if''s" wondering if I
      made the right decision. But, I just don't think he was going to rally
      around and neither did the vet. He may of had another day or two...but why put him
      through going through those stages of death? I didn't want to wait until he
      was so weak that he could no longer walk, he was already not very stable on
      his legs. And I didn't want him to go into cardiac arrest.

      He has had the best life anyone could give him. He has had all-he-could-eat
      Fancy Feast (until the CRF), the best vet care, and lots of love. In 2003 he
      had a huge tumor removed from his leg, had most of the teeth in his mouth
      pulled, and had radioactive treatment done for his hyperthyroidism. In 2004, after
      about 6 years of treating his hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, his heard meds
      were making his heart worse so we had to stop them. Throughout 2004 we fought to
      keep the weight on him and his heart gradually declined. Then we had the
      recent events. After each health problem we faced he handled it like a trooper!
      He was a very easy cat to handle and took every thing in stride.

      I think the congestive heart failure just really did him in. He just
      couldn't cope with all of the stuff going on in his body. And, I do think the vet
      may be right about something else going on inside him like the cancer.

      Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone for their advise on Shadow's meds and
      on getting him to eat. I did my best, but this time things just didn't work

      I will be unsubscribing to the Feline Heart group in a few days, but will be
      staying on the CRF group for my cat Blackie. Thanks to everyone and give your
      cats lots of love while you can.

      Tami & Angel Shadow & Blackie

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