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Re: [FH] Introduction - Meet Charlie

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  • Sue B
    Hi, Welcome and my sympathy to you & Charlie. My 11 year old was just diagnosed with HCM in November so I m well aware of what you re going through. There
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2005

      Welcome and my sympathy to you & Charlie. My 11 year old was just diagnosed with HCM in November so I'm well aware of what you're going through. There are a lot of people in this group with very similar experiences and a few with both heart and kidney problems.

      My girls in also on Furosemide which is a generic version of Lasix. That can make them a bit tired. I'm not familiar with Benazepril but assume it's an ACE-inhibitor like Enalapril. You can read about the side-effects of the drugs here - http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginformation.html

      This is one of the many useful links in the links section of the Yahoo group.

      There are many people who know far more than I do here, but I wanted to let you know that this is a great group and you'll get plenty of support and information here.

      Sue & Pepper

      We found out yesterday that our wonderful cat (Charlie) that we've had
      for 10 yrs has HCM and possibly other health problems. Our vet has
      prescribed Furosemide to get rid of the pulmonary edema, Benazepril to
      help his heart, and I've been directed to give him a baby aspirin every
      3 days. He has some kidney problems too - one kidney is abnormally
      small and the other kidney is abnormally large. We are supposed to
      take Charlie back to the vet on Friday (4/1) to get chest xrays so the
      vet can evaluate whether the treatment is working.

      I guess I'm posting just to get support from others who are going thru
      the same experiences. Charlie was acting like he was feeling pretty
      good when I brought him home from the vet yesterday, but today he
      doesn't have much energy, is drinking alot of water & urinating, and
      isn't purring like he usually does when I hold him. It's a scary time
      right now, and hope they are able to stabilize him.

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