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Re: [FH] dry food vs canned food

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  • marthe horn-Davis
    Hi Mary, I adopted my cat, Lenny from Animalert, a rescue and foster organizaiton in Ontario, Canada and was given a diet to follow, since the idea is to stay
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2005
      Hi Mary,

      I adopted my cat, Lenny from Animalert, a rescue and
      foster organizaiton in Ontario, Canada and was given a
      diet to follow, since the idea is to stay with what
      they are used to. I have since learned that the
      Nutro,(dry kitten) might be a bit on the high calorie
      side which might not be too bad since he was still a
      kitten but eventually maybe not the greatest to
      continue with but also my little guy got canned
      Performatrin, that they recommended to continue with
      when I first got him, a Pet Valu product which sells
      at 1.39 a large can. I think it is a premium product
      and their own brand. I don't know what Rosemary knows
      about these but the rescue people seemed to know their
      stuff. I am not even sure if Pet Valu is Cdn. or

      I just found a store, though today that sells raw
      frozen ground chicken necks, backs attached etc in
      tubes. The price, I thought was reasonable (probably
      could do it cheaper myself since chicken necks are not
      expensive when you can find them, if I bought the
      grinder etc.... don't know if I am there yet) but the
      brand is Pets4life and is based in Owen Sound,
      Ontario, Canada and a tube sells at 3.29 CDN> I will
      let you know if they like it.

      Marthe Lenny and Gina

      I know what you mean about cost, it can add up.

      --- Mary Gorton <mgorton@...> wrote:
      I have been reading the commentary on dry food vs
      canned food with great interest. I adopted a Benal
      from the local SPCA in November and at first fed him
      Wellness dry food. He developed a pot belly on it.

      I then read about the species-appropriate diet and
      changed him completely over to Wellness canned. The
      change was rapid and dramatic - his pot belly has
      completely disappeared and he looks very fit and trim.
      He eliminates much less and less odorous fecal

      It is, however, much more expensive. I spend
      $45/month feeding him. Does anyone have any
      suggestion as to which, if any, dry food would most
      approximate the components of Wellness canned? There
      is absolutely no question in my mind that there is a
      dramatic difference, even from Wellness dry food. I
      won't change a thing for him, but I am thinking along
      the lines of what would be best for rescue cats, which
      may be on a tighter budget, and what to recommend to



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