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First time with Lasix

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  • bengalboys@aol.com
    Hi everyone, I ve been subscribed to this list for years but almost never read it. Please excuse me for asking questions which I m sure have been answered
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      I've been subscribed to this list for years but almost never read it. Please
      excuse me for asking questions which I'm sure have been answered many times
      in the past.

      Some quick background. My HCM Bengal, Lightning, will turn 7 years old next
      week. He first developed a murmur in late kittenhood. Xrays, blood work, and
      EKG looked normal, so we didn't have an echo done then and chalked it up to a
      benign kitten murmur. Later that year, he suddenly developed severe symptoms and
      we got an echo done. (Actually, we had two completed in the same week because
      I wanted a second opinion.) The diagnosis was clear: Severe HCM and the
      prognosis was poor.

      However, we started him on Atenolol, 6.25 mg twice a day, and he showed
      improvement almost immediately. Since 1999, he's had many echoes, all done by a
      very reputable vet cardiologist. At first he was getting tested every couple
      months, then twice a year, and now once per year. EVERY time he's gotten an
      echo, the cardiologist has reported improvement since the last echo. His HCM
      status was downgraded from severe to mild. The only exceptions were last year,
      when Lightning didn't show any improvement but also didn't get worse, and

      Lightning had what was supposed to be a routine echo yesterday as part of his
      normal follow-up care. This time his echo values showed significant
      progression of the disease. In addition, he's now got fluid in his lungs, which has
      never happened before.

      The only med he's ever taken has been Atenolol. Not even the dose has
      changed. The Atenolol has worked miraculously, so we never added or changed anything
      else other than diet. Yesterday, the cardiologist reported that his heart is
      now beating too slowly. So we've cut the Atenolol from twice a day to once a

      At this very moment, the compounding pharmacy is whipping up a batch of Lasix
      for him. I have two questions about this:

      1. I'll be giving Lightning his first-ever dose of Lasix in a few hours. Are
      there any symptoms or side effects I should look for? I want to behave as
      normally as possible around him. Typically he sleeps in an otherwise empty room
      during the afternoon. He likes to nap in private during the day. Should I
      keep him near me all day today to watch for symptoms or can I just peek in on him
      every once in a while?

      2. My vet has messy handwriting. (Don't they all?) The prescription looks
      as if it says the Lasix should be compounded to a 10 mg dose. However, that
      could be 16 mg. Which number is typical?

      Thanks for any help. We're going to start an ACE inhibitor in a few weeks as
      well, and I'm sure I'll have many more questions by then.


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