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Re: Introduction - Roo our special needs kitty

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  • Karen
    What a cute kitty! I hope you can get help for him, too! Does he have HCM or DCM? How long have you had him & Where did you get him? He is SO young to have
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2005
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      What a cute kitty! I hope you can get help for him, too! Does he have
      HCM or DCM? How long have you had him & Where did you get him? He is
      SO young to have this problem, I tend to agree it may be
      congenital... what a precious kitten, please keep us posted on his

      Your girls are gorgeous too! Love the website!


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Kim" <MeiLiMom@a...> wrote:
      > I am new here and wanted to say hi. Our little kitty Roo is 9
      > old and has radial hypoplasia. A few months ago our vet had heard a
      > heart murmor. At the time, it didn't seem to be a big problem, but
      > when it was time to talk about having him nuetered, our vet wanted
      > do an ultrasound of his heart. The ultrasound didn't show anything
      > other than the murmor and we scheduled the surgery for the next
      > We ended up delaying the surgery because he vomited worms while he
      > was at the vet. He had been de-wormed before, but he still had some
      > in him.
      > Two weeks ago as I was getting my girls ready for school, I saw Roo
      > on the bed struggling to breathe. He was on his back (he sleeps
      > this) with his tongue sticking out and he was panting loudly. His
      > gums were blue. I rushed him to our vet, and by the time I got
      > he looked better. They kept him for observation and for most of the
      > morning he did great. In the afternoon he had another episode of
      > rapid breathing and panting. His gums were blue again and his heart
      > rate was racing. They did an EKG and x-rayed his lungs. He had
      > in his lungs and the vet said he was in congestive heart failure.
      > They said it could be a congenital problem like his arms, or could
      > something temporary. Our vet was only open until 7, so they made
      > arrangements for us to have him stay at the University of Penn Vet
      > Hospital because he needed to be on oxygen in order to breathe.
      > This really took us by surprise. We love him so much. One day he
      > running around playing and the next day they were talking to us
      > euthenasia. He is just the sweetest little thing and we have had
      > for such a short time. He loves the girls and our other kitty Boo
      > and I don't know what we would do without him. They are not sure if
      > there is a treatment until they know what is wrong. I just never
      > thought we'd be thinking about this so soon. We went through this
      > with our Golden when he had the brain tumor. We spent thousands and
      > thousands of dollars and he died within 4 months anyway.
      > Roo stayed overnight that Friday and was able to come home with us
      > the next day. The medicine helped his breathing, so he does not
      > ozygen, and he was alert and active, so they said he could come
      > He also had very high liver enzymes and WBC. They put him on 3
      > medicines - two antibiotics and lasix. We returned last week to our
      > regular vet for bloodwork, and everything looked normal except his
      > liver enzymes were still a bit elevated. His heart and lungs sound
      > good, and she couldn't even hear the heart murmor. They have ruled
      > out heartworm, FIV, FeLV, and toxoplasmosis. We will return to the
      > cardiologist in 2 weeks for a repeat echo. Then we will know if it
      > a valve infection that will get better or if it is a congenital
      > problem in which case he will go into congestive heart failure
      > He will stay on lasix until his appointment.
      > Roo looks great now, but I don't know if he is really better or if
      > is the medicine. He is eating like crazy, following me everywhere,
      > chasing our other kitty, and playing with anything he can find. He
      > just the sweetest kitty.
      > Here is a website that my girls designed for Roo before they knew
      > was sick:
      > http://www.ouradoptionstories.com/roospage.html
      > Thank you for listening.
      > Kim R
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