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Horrible disease

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  • marthe horn-Davis
    I only heard about this group a short time after losing Rocky, and unfortunately after he died, found out alot of information that may have helped (or may not
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2005
      I only heard about this group a short time after losing Rocky, and unfortunately after he died, found out alot of information that may have helped (or may not have) helped....Even after he passed and even today the pain is huge and there are always the what ifs as I said before. There are also the should haves....These are normal feelings. I couldn't even write until about 2 months after he passed because I was so upset yet somehow sharing what happened with others who understand is a very good thing and positive...There were of course people directly in my life that I wouldn't even discuss this with because I knew they would have thought I was crazy for spending money and time trying to save Rocky and then trying to decide what to do etc....people who do not feel the same way about cats or animals in general.

      I hope like everyone, that gains are made in this treating this disease; it is equally painful to lose a beloved cat, suddenly when they show no symptoms, as it is to go through the agony of hoping and praying when a diagnosis is made....

      For me, at least there is the contradiction of really knowing my animal and not having the expertise of a veteranarian, and wanting to make sure the best is done, quickly and effectively and of course in consideration of the well-being of my cat.

      I am embarrassed that I knew so little about this disease. Also when you start to consider the possibility that vaccinations, anaesthesia, and medicines can affect the heart its clear that more needs to be done. I am not advocating research that would involve other cats losing their lives, but if there were some more regulations for cats and dogs, i.e. veterinarians reporting when clients lose their pets and the circumstances, perhaps then, some statistics could be compiled. Who knows...there may be some common reasons, circumstances for this disease. Again, when we are dealing with animals it is so much different than humans. Also when considering vaccinations and possible heart/cancer link, one needs to look at the situation, a cattery would be a place when disease would outweigh the disadvantages of vaccinations...

      As for Max and his owner, I fully understand how she is feeling as there are so many sad stories, and I can see why someone would want to spend as much stress free time and as much time as possible with their buddy. When Rocky was sick and seemed to rebound, I stuck around the house and made sure I was there and that's important. (Thank god I did because he didn't have much time)Ironically it was the one evening that I did go out for a few hours and returned in time for his medication that he became ill for the third time in 14 days. I am thankful for the people who understood and understand,and I think the purpose of this group is to share information and unfortunately this includes sad experiences.

      I am very sorry for all of us that live this nightmare of a disease.


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