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Re: Cardiomyopathy plus thyroid problem

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  • Susan Aufieri
    Hi Leslie, Welcome to the group, though I m sorry you and Zacky have to go through this. As Susan said, it is preferable to have the hyper-t be the primary
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 3, 2005
      Hi Leslie,

      Welcome to the group, though I'm sorry you and Zacky have to go through this. As Susan
      said, it is "preferable" to have the hyper-t be the primary disease. Abby was diagnosed
      hyper-t, HCM w/grade 3 murmur last March. She was also in full blown IBD, probably as a
      result of the hyper-t. With proper hyper-t treatment, the HCM has resolved, though her
      murmur is now classified as a grade 3-4/6. The IBD is, mostly, under control.

      Some things to know:

      It is better for the animal in question (human or feline) to have single dose hyper-t
      therapy given in the morning. I don't know the particulars of why. I do know that my
      pharmacist told me that it's important.

      Atenolol may have a difficult adjustment period, but side effects usually go away.

      It is also very important to follow pills or gell caps with at least 5cc's of water or a
      small amount of food. If this isn't done, it can cause erosion in the throat and potentially
      mesoesophagus. In our "FILES" section there is an article about this and it's title is "Erosive
      Esophogitis.doc" and is worth the read.

      You probably already know this, but it is important to get Zacky's T4 thyroid retested in 2
      to 4 weeks and adjust the meds up or down if necessary. Initially we started Abby off at
      2.5mg twice a day. It was too much for her and drove her T4 levels down to 0.1. We tried
      2.5mg 1X day, and it was still too much. She is now on 1.25mg once a day.

      There is a feline hyper-t group and you can find them at


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "lbevans102" <lbevans@e...> wrote:
      > I'm new to this discussion. My beloved cat Zacky, 15, a small
      > classic tabby, developed a heart murmur about 6 months ago. Two
      > weeks ago at a routine vet exam is was louder, so we took an xray
      > and EKG, which was abnormal, and went to a cat cardiologist.
      > Diagnosis: cardiomyopathy, thickened heart walls and high heart
      > rate, as well as a thyroid condition. Prescription: 1/2 a 25 mg
      > atenolol pill in the morning and a thyroid pill in the evening.
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