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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    hi anyes and voula, what other meds were you taking besides the diltiazem??? i keep asking the vet to prescribe it and for some reason he won t and i think
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2001
      hi anyes and voula,

      what other meds were you taking besides the diltiazem??? i keep asking the
      vet to prescribe it and for some reason he won't and i think it's bec it's a
      calcium channel blocker and isn't atenolol also a calcium channel blocker
      and i believe he was trying to complement the two meds: atenolol with
      enalapril which is an ACE inhibitor in hopes that would be the right
      combination....it might still bbe...amazing what it did for his hind legs in
      just 2 doses....


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      Voula Augerinos wrote:

      > Hi Anyes,
      > > Do you think that Pebbles could have some fluid build up around the
      > > My Lucie made a squeak or moan when I picked her up with one hand under
      > > chest, if she had fluid building up in the chest.
      > Can you explain the squeak a bit more. The sound seemed to come out
      > Pebbles' nose on the out breath. Actually a couple of weeks ago I noticed
      > this sound (like a wheezy whistling sound is the best way I can describe
      > it). This morning it was after I put Pebbles' down that I noticed the
      > sound. So my hand wasn't on her chest. I actually lifted her with one hand
      > to move her off my chest. Maybe the pressure? She made the sound for a few
      > seconds, maybe ten or so seconds then it stopped.

      I don't think this is the same, however the hand pressure is causing a
      discomfort from what you are saying. I would not think this is fluid build
      but it is probably some level of lung congestion or lack of full breath
      capacity, if that makes sense. The squeak is like what it sounds like. It
      an actual verbal response, not just a sound. The squeak is a sign of
      build up as I learnt to recognize it. Everytime Lucie did this, the vet
      confirm that he could hear the muffled heart sound characteristic of fluid
      build up. It was a simple but effective diagnostic tool for me. I started
      test it daily prior to giving subq's for crf. If there was an initial sign
      fluid build up, I would withhold fluids for 24hrs and increase the dandelion
      extract. It saved lots of potential crisis as the fluids got reabsorbed
      without a tap.

      > > That's in addition to the breath which was not necessarily faster.
      > Sometimes it was actually slower, but deliberate as if each breath took
      > focus to get in and out. Pebbles breathing seems okay that way. I know
      > you mean about the slower more deliberate breathing. This is the way it
      > before Pebbles was
      > on the heart medication. It's not that way now.
      > Love, Voula.

      Yes, the heart medications did wonders for us too. Lucie's breath was
      tremendously improved after she started on diltiazem. I would not do
      differently in hindsight, as far as the heart treatment goes.

      Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica

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