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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    well, when dr. g. listened to pum s chest he didn t comment on the wheezing....of course, i had so many questions to ask that i didn t ask him about it bec it
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2001
      well, when dr. g. listened to pum's chest he didn't comment on the
      wheezing....of course, i had so many questions to ask that i didn't ask him
      about it bec it was one that i forgot to write down, canyou believe! ...i
      feel certain that if he had thought that there was significant fluid buildup
      that he would have prescribed something....also, he did say after the
      ultrasound that his chest looked good....am i the onlly person who gets
      exasperated about the inability to put definite answers to all these
      things....i become obsessed about them....i find myself waking up during the
      nite and listening to pum's chest and breathing...you'd think i'd relax
      after ddr. g just told me that pum is going to be around for a lot
      longer....sometimes i think i must be mental!!!

      just venting, sorry....


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      Voula Augerinos wrote:

      > Hi Linda,
      > yes I read your response to Pat. Actually, today Pebbles had some
      > funny breathing noise breathing out. It happened after I picked her up (my
      > hand was under her chest) and it was sort of a wheezy sound breathing out.
      > So we are both baffled now. Any ideas anyone, for both Linda and me? I
      > think I remember the vet saying, the out breath was more respiratory, but
      > then again, I have lost faith in this particular vet.
      > Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      Do you think that Pebbles could have some fluid build up around the lungs?
      My Lucie made a squeak or moan when I picked her up with one hand under the
      chest, if she had fluid building up in the chest. That's in addition to the
      breath which was not necessarily faster. Sometimes it was actually slower,
      deliberate as if each breath took more focus to get in and out.

      Anyes, angel Lucie, Georgina and Angelica

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