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Re: oxygen again

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  • Deena
    ... wrote: i was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between getting an e-tank and getting a whole oxygen compressor. I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2005
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "k_silverstein"
      <katesilverstein@h...> wrote: i was wondering if anyone could tell
      me the difference between getting an e-tank and getting a whole
      oxygen compressor. I am not sure of the benefits or shortcomings of
      the different systems.

      I'm forwarding over a reply I received privately regarding Kate's
      question on oxygen delivery systems. I've had several people
      contact me with questions, so the topic seems more general in nature
      and worth discussing publicly. While a concentrator works best for
      myself and Lisa, there are other options available. Anyes is the
      first to speak out in favor of using tanks. Are there others out
      there who are using different approaches, and what do you like,
      dislike, etc?

      Tanks may be a good option for some and should be explored. I do
      have to echo Lisa's concern over safety. I have seen a nitrogen
      tank fall over and take out a cinderblock wall, so they *can* become
      a missile if they tip and the top snaps off. OTOH, there are safety
      features that are often installed when these tanks are used for home
      rather than industrial use. Concentrators are loud and can add
      additional stress to an already stressed-out cat. I minimized this
      1. Using long tubing so the concentrator is far from the cage
      2. Put a sound-deadening blanket over the concentrator but make sure
      to keep the intake & filter area open
      3. Spray Rescue Remedy in the O2 tube which acts as calming
      aromatherapy as oxygen comes in the cage
      4. Turn on (loud beep) and let the cage fill shortly while the cat
      is in another room. Then pop the kitty in the cage.
      After a few times, Mr Pepe put up with the noise because the oxygen
      made him feel sooo much better, but he was also a very calm kitty.

      No system is perfect. You have to figure out tricks to overcome the
      negatives and maximize the positives. It all comes down to looking
      at the options and deciding what works best for your individual
      situation...like most things in life.

      Yes Lisa...I am very aware of your appreciation. Mr Pepe's purpose
      in life & death is to assist me in helping others. I'm just doing
      what he's guiding me to do. You are welcome!!!

      From: "Anyes Moscrip" <anyes@...>
      We got compressed oxygen. A container holds thousands of liters of
      oxygen. We never had to refill it and it lasted over a year. The
      refill cost $35. Beside the low cost, the other advantage is that
      it is completely silent. The compressor is noisy and could disturb
      some cats sensitive to the noise.
      Anyes and the girls
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