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Re: Hair Loss?

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  • kmyelshin
    ... on his ... this was ... eating again, ... so I would ... spreading ... Sounds a lot like Ringworm. You can get some vaginal yeast infection cream from the
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 26, 2004
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, lclarizia@a... wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > Baby Boy seems to have developed a rash thingy on his nose ... only
      on his
      > nose. It started some time ago as a crust just around the hairline,
      this was
      > right after we went to Tufts (about 5 weeks ago) and he started
      eating again,
      > like a horse. I assumed it was food and he wasn't cleaning himself,
      so I would
      > just clean it off with some warm water. Now it seems to be
      spreading ...

      Sounds a lot like Ringworm. You can get some vaginal yeast infection
      cream from the local pharmacy and apply it to the affected areas. You
      want the 2% Miconazole preparation, nothing stronger. The vet can
      prescribe an antifungal medication, but my vet wouldn't give it to my
      heart kitty as it could have exacerbated other problems she had.

      Another thing to do is give your cat a special shampoo treatment (only
      about 10-15 dollars for a bottle from the vet or pet supply store) or,
      in a more extreme case, use sulfur dip. That smells to high heaven;
      if you try it, wear rubber gloves and old clothing, because it will
      stain your skin yellow (as well as anything else light colored, like a
      cat's hair...) You will need to keep this stuff well away from your
      cat's eyes, so an elizabethan collar might be needed.

      Additionally, vacuum EVERYTHING every day, and throw out the used bags
      every day. No reuse of vacuum cleaner bags. Use a bleach solution to
      wipe down hard surfaces that can tolerate bleach. If the cat sleeps
      on blankets or bedding, bleach them too. If you can afford it, get
      your carpets and furniture deep steam cleaned; explain to them what
      you are trying to get rid of.

      Wash your hands frequently; this fungus is closely related to that
      which causes athlete's foot, and its very contagious to humans.
      You'll know you have it if you get a raised, ringshaped itchy area on
      your skin. The miconazole will work as well on you as on the cat.

      Kathy in behalf of Angel Pele, who is finished forever with smelly
      ringworm dips and is happily attacking angels' bare toes.
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