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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang
    Hi Lisa, Actually you are right...his grade was a 3/4 and he actually graded his heart condition in different numbers depending on the location of the
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      Hi Lisa,

      Actually you are right...his grade was a 3/4 and he actually graded his
      heart condition in different numbers depending on the location of the
      thickness..Pum has thickening in the area related to both diastolic and
      systolic functions so he got different grades for each area/function : 3 and
      3-4.....does that make sense?

      see more below...

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      > a great report from Dr. goodwin for Pumpkin....says he's a level 3 (out of
      > 10...10 being the worst) and that he thinks that with enalapril he will be

      Congratulations! This is great news for you and Pumpkin.
      I'm really interested in two things you said in your post. First is that
      cardiologist uses a 10 point scale to grade murmurs. All the vets who have
      seen Lightning have used a 6 point scale. I'm curious if one is more common
      than the other. A 10 point scale seems like it would make more sense.
      Lightning's murmur rarely gets a whole number. It's is usually graded like
      or 3-4.

      gee, I don't know what to say....perhaps he used that explanation to
      translate it to layman's terminology and something that we can relate to
      better....but he did say that there have been times that "we have seen cats
      come in here with an 8 or a 9 and can work them down to a 3-4 with the right

      Can you imagine...that to me makes it all sound very hopeful.....right?

      Second, this is very hopeful that your cardiologist thinks the medicine with
      reduce the build up in the heart muscle. When Lightning was first diagnosed
      and started on Atenolol, the cardiologist told me the medicine would be
      successful if it prevented the muscle thickening from getting worse, but it
      wouldn't make it better. All the research I've read seems to agree.

      Our vet in Houston said that with atenolol he has seen muscle thickness
      decrease in some felines...he mentioned a cat that had such an extreme
      decrease in muscle thickness that they had to use meds to arrest the
      decreasing action....he felt that this was obviously a very unusual case but
      he felt that it showed that it was obviously possible and that he had seen
      it in other felines also, just not to that extent.......

      An echo
      6 months later showed that Lightning did in fact have a decrease in the
      amount of hypertrophy--even though in theory that's not supposed to happen.
      Does anyone else have a cardiologist like Pum's who is so optimistic, i.e.,
      one who expects to see real improvement in the heart muscles? Am I living
      Fantasyland or does anyone else think that in some cases, this "incurable"
      disorder might actually be cured? Always trying to be hopeful....

      I think that the conditions that our kitties have are the best argument for
      making sure that we get them to experienced specialists....I have to say
      that although our vet in Houston is fabulous, he paled beside Dr. Goodwin's
      breadth of experience and expertise....and our houston vet is an internal
      medicine specialist who treats many pets with hcm....but there is clearly no
      substitute for a cardiologist....they spend all their time treating nothing
      else but cardiology problems....there is just no substitute for

      Your input???


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