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Re: [FH] acute difficulty breathing - HCM?

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  • Michele Briasco-Brin
    Dear Timby s Mom, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that there aren t any words adequate enough to take away your pain. The loss of your beloved cat is
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2004
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      Dear Timby's Mom,

      I am so very sorry for your loss. I know that there aren't any words
      adequate enough to take away your pain.
      The loss of your beloved cat is more heartache than you should have to bear
      and I can't even imagine what it must feel like to have it compounded with
      what may have been a veterinary misdiagnosis.

      I am new here as well and joined when I lost my cat suddenly at the
      beginning of November. Unfortunately there were no warning signs or
      breathing difficulties. My boy literally just collapsed and died in my arms
      on the way to the vet. I only thought that if I got him there in time it
      would be okay. But I have heard countless stories already (including
      Timby's) that show getting to the vet still isn't a guarantee. From the
      research I have done so far, open mouth / difficulty breathing is a symptom
      of heart disease. But I am sure also symptomatic of other conditions.

      This is such a terrible, unforgiving disease. I wish you could have been
      spared this pain. I hope in time for both of us our palpable pain will be
      replaced with memories of happy times we had with our furbabies. Your boy
      Timby has a spirit friend in my boy Cernunnos.

      Please know that you are in my thoughts. This is a wonderful, caring group.
      They have truly been a lifeline for me in my grief.

      Love and light,
      (Cernunnos 3/8/03-11/6/04)

      "timbysmommy" <timbysmommy@...> on Wednesday, December 1, 2004 at
      9:39 PM +0000 wrote:
      >Hi everyone,
      >Is acute dyspnea a sign of cardiomyopathy in anyone's experience? I
      >lost a cat on Thanksgiving. A few days prior, he developed sudden
      >rapid breathing. The emergency vet insisted it was his asthma, even
      >though I told her he usually coughs with asthma and does not breathe
      >so fast (RR was 80). This was not like any asthma atack he had ever
      >had and his asthma had been stable for years. She did not address my
      >concerns and did no cardia tests (ekg, ultrasound, blood pressure).
      >In addition, he had inspiratory difficulty, not expiratory, which is
      >classic asthma. He stabilized only because he was in oxygen for
      >almost 2 days. He came home for 2 days and then it happened again.
      >Within a few hours of when I took him back to the vet, he had
      >pulmonary edema with galloping rhythm and the vet thought it was
      >thromboembolisms. Lasix was not effective in removing the fluid and
      >we had to put him down to end his suffering. Everything I have read
      >suggests that sudden episodes of difficult breathing are very
      >suggestive of HCM/DCM. Has anyone experienced this?
      >Thanks in advance for any information. I am heartbroken at the loss
      >of my baby, and it is especially difficult to know that his
      >misdiagnosis was probably responsible for his death.
      >Timby's mommy and Sweet Angel Timby
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