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RE: [FH] Caramel 5/21/99 - 11/26/04

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  • Linda CuĂ©llar Irrgang
    Cheryl, You did all the best you could and for the quality life time that you gave him he will always remember you......it s never easy but he knew it was time
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 27, 2004

      You did all the best you could and for the quality life time that you
      gave him he will always remember you......it's never easy but he knew it
      was time and sent you the message and you were sensitive to his needs in
      the greatest moment of need.

      White lite warming your way,

      Linda and the boys

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      Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 10:17 AM
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      Subject: [FH] Caramel 5/21/99 - 11/26/04

      Dear Friends,

      The struggle is over now and my sweet little boy is at rest. I thank
      all of you for the care and concern and support you have given me
      during these past 14 months since he was diagnosed with HCM, and most
      especially in the last two days as I was wrestling with what decision
      was best for my darling cat. I am at peace now, just as he is.
      Making the decision was far harder than carrying it out. Once I knew
      that his quality of life was diminishing, I could see no reason to
      keep him here. Plus I am certain he was telling me "no more" when he
      started struggling against the meds yesterday. I knew then it was
      time to let go.

      I read a quote the other day that says: "The fragrance always stays
      in the hand that gives the rose". It made me think of all of you and
      how the strength and love and encouragement that you have sent my way
      will also stay with you. I will continue to keep you and your
      animals in my prayers.

      I held Caramel when he first arrived on this earth and I held him
      when he left it. My consolation is that though his life here was
      short - only five and a half years - it was a life of total love. He
      never had a day when he did not know how much he was loved and
      cherished. I hold on to that because I know that although all of
      God's creatures deserve such love, many of them never experience it
      here on earth. It is so good to know others who love and cherish
      animals as I do. Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my



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